Sunday, April 14, 2013

Apartments & Celebrities

We finally closed on our house Friday.  I'm living in an apartment until the end of the school year.  My cousin is living with me so I have a roomie.  We actually have furniture in the apartment.  It sure beats sleeping on the floor in an empty house.

The school year - that's the only thing left to do it.  May 31st feels like it is right around the corner and yet a lifetime away all at the same time.

I'm ready to live with my husband again.  We've been living in separate places for 3.5 months & quite frankly I'm over it.

I'm ready to start work at QES.  I'm ready to meet my new coworkers & see my new classroom.

I'm not ready to say goodbye to my friends at HG.  The woman teaching next door has become my best friend.  We do everything together.  When we wake up sick, we can email each other our lesson plans & know everything will be okay.  She's my soundboard for ideas, my encourager, & my field trip partner.  She's my friend.  I don't know how I will survive a school day without her, let alone a school year.  I pretty much start sobbing whenever I think about it.

I could spend hours writing about the people of HG.  They've become my family over the past six years.  God has blessed me immensely by allowing me to work for my principal.  She's pretty much the perfect boss.  She's also a friend.

I'm already planning trips back to visit.

Before I say goodbye though, my field trip partner and I are taking a group of students to California.  We leave in less than two weeks.  I am our official group photographer & videographer.  I'm going to do some interviews for the video & one of the questions I'm going to task is who they would like to see in LA.  I thought I was pretty set in my answer.  I want to see Adam Levine.  But every time someone tells their answer, I start changing my mind.  When I asked the husband, he said Jennifer Anniston.  HA! I would be completely stoked if I saw anyone from the cast of Friends.  Someone else said Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory.  That would be pretty cool.  I'm pretty sure our students (and me) will be excited to see anyone famous.

So...Who would you want to see?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my very best friend.  I love you with all my heart, babe!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Miscellaneous Monday

Only eight more weekends.  Then I get to live with my husband again.  Not that I'm counting.  But I totally am.  I'm over this whole two houses thing.

This past weekend was a long one.  I left work at 11:00 on Thursday and headed toward House B. Along the way I stopped for what was my first and possibly last interview.  The school I was interviewing at had two openings in their elementary school.  I felt pretty good about it going in.  I knew that I was completely covered in prayers.  Everyone told me to just be myself and I tried my best to do that despite the little bit of nerves.  

This interview was so different from how I remember them.  The last time I interviewed I was fresh out of college and had no real teaching experience.  Going in with seven years of teaching experience changes the entire process.  I was interviewed by a panel of four people, all who seemed so incredibly nice.  It was a short interview - only about thirty minutes.  I sat down and just shared with these people about what I do...what I love.  I am so incredibly blessed to get to do what I love for a living.  I walked out of there feeling very good and pretty confident, but at the same time not wanting to get my hopes up.  It was my first interview and still very early in the year.  

The principal called me the very next day and offered me a position teaching 5th and 6th grade Math.  I was beyond thrilled.  I immediately began doing a happy dance.  

Andrew and I have been in awe all weekend over how quickly and easily this happened for me.  It is simply one more way in a long list of ways God has been in the details of this move.  

I'm a planner by nature so I've already started pinning tons of ideas and asking questions to every math teacher I know.  Hopefully they won't start hiding every time they see me.  I have a LOT of questions.

Saturday was spent shopping for a few little things for The Liberty Belle.  It was a rainy nasty day, but we still enjoyed spending the day together driving around and shopping.

Easter Sunday was a great day.  We went to church Sunday morning and heard a wonderful message.  It's a message I've heard before, but the reminder was so good and refreshing Sunday.  Too often I forget that the gospel is for me.  Though I have a relationship with Christ, I'm still a sinner and I still need the gospel daily.  

Christ is risen.  And if that isn't something to be joyous about then nothing is.

After church we drove to my Mommom's house for lunch with the fam.  It was so good.  I'm going to love living at House B and being only 45 minutes away from them.

The weather was so nice Sunday.  My parents, brother, and sister-in-law came out on a little Easter cruise with us.  It was the first real test run The Liberty Belle has had.  I had my camera with me all ready to document the day, but I left my SD card in my computer.  I'm so bad about that.  

We still haven't closed on House A so right now I'm sleeping on a mattress in the floor and living out of boxes.  I don't mind sleeping on the floor, but I HATE having my closet all packed up.  I'm seriously considering picking out five outfits and wearing the same thing every week.  I'll have a Monday outfit, a Tuesday outfit, and so forth.  The nerd in my wants to do it as an experiment and see how long it would take my students to notice.  I know I have a few girls who would figure it out.