Sunday, October 31, 2010

Who Dat! 30 Day Challenge

I thought I would combine Katie's challenge today with a "normal" post. Katie's challenge today is to share a picture of yourself. Not my favorite one so far. :)

Wednesday morning 4 of my coworkers and I headed out for New Orleans. The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics held a conference there on Thursday and Friday.

It was a long drive down, but it was a lot of fun. We talked and laughed until we nearly cried. I am incredibly blessed to have coworkers that I enjoy being with.

We got into town Wednesday night around 7:30 and were exhausted. We grabbed dinner in the hotel restaurant and then went to bed.

Thursday morning we woke up and got ready for our first day at the conference. I attended some great workshops. They also had several exhibits there with different companies presenting their ideas/products. I purchased a few things that I'm really excited about. Teachers, you should totally check out Faceing Math. It's great! They have something for all grade levels. If you don't have math, they have something for you too.

One of my coworkers has an aunt who lives in New Orleans. She made reservations for us at a fancy spancy restaurant called Dragos for Thursday night. It was really yummy. I even got brave and tried fish.

Friday after the conference, we went to the aquarium. Oh My Goodness! It was so neat!!! My two favorite parts were where you walk through a tunnel and fish are swimming above you and around you and getting to watch them feed the penguins. I LOVE PENGUINS!!

We also walked through the Riverwalk several times while there. They had some great shopping and food.
On the trolley

Friday night Starla's aunt treated us to Beignets and hot chocolate. Beignets are French donuts. They taste a lot like funnel cakes.

It was definitely a great business trip! We had so much fun!! And I learned some too!

But, I was glad to be home last night. I stopped by to see Miss Amelia Earhart and then headed home to my furbabies. They were VERY happy to have Mommy home. They slept outside all week and my nephew, Pryce, came over to feed them every day. We were thankful to have him this week.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

30: Nicknames

We are sharing our nicknames today over at Katie's Journey. I have had several nicknames throughout my life. When I was little my family called me Lainabug. Oh I hated this as I got older.

In high school some of my friends called me Lainer. My senior year of high school, I worked at Sonic and all my friends there called me Skinny or Slim.

My mother-in-law calls me her little one, which I like. :)

The husband calls me Wifees.

My Aunt Tammy always call Elaina Ann, and yes that is my name, but no one other than her really uses my first and middle name.

I always think about nicknames when I think about what we want to name our kids. Nicknames can be very cruel to a young kid in school.

Friday, October 29, 2010

30 Days: Something You Miss

Today we are sharing something we miss.

Tonight I'm missing the husband. He is out of town again.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

30 Days: Future & Regrets

I didn't spend much time with a computer yetserday so I missed Katie's challenge of sharing something I look forward to.

There are a lot of things I look forward pictures, a trip to Branson with my parents, Christmas, summer vacation...the list goes on.

But I think the biggest thing I look forward to is the time when God will see fit to add to my family. God has placed it on my heart that now is not the time for us to add to our family. I also feel God has made it clear to me that I should allow my husband to lead in this area of our lives.

With that being said, I also believe God has given me a dream of being a mom. My Father knows the desires of my heart.

I dream about watching Drew be a dad. I think he is going to be the absolute best daddy to our kids. I've seen this with our nieces & nephews. He is great with them. And when I can get him to hold a baby, my heart melts.

I dream about how I will tell my parents that they are going to be grandparents. And yes I have some ideas. :0

I dream about finding the perfect name and about decorating a nursery. I dream about the traditions we will have as a family.

The memories we will make is what I most look forward to.

I enjoy looking forward to the future. Most of the time I enjoy looking to the past.

Today, Katie challenges us to share our regrets. I really don't have a lot of regrets.

God has allowed me to learn from the mistakes I have made. However, I did make a decision when I was 18 that I deeply regret. It was one of those things I knew wasn't right but I chose that route anyway.

It is not a mistake I am comfortable sharing with you at this time. I know at some point I will have to confess it, but I'm just not ready. I have confessed to my Heavenly Father and I know He has forgiven me. But I still struggle with forgiving myself and moving past the decision. Because of that struggle I still see the effects of this decision in my life today.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Shake Your Groove Thang! Yeah Yeah!

This past weekend the husband and I joined a local community center. They have a very nice gym with three full size basketball courts and a rubberized track above it that is 1/10 of a mile. They have all your workout machines like the treadmill, bike, and elliptical. They are opening an indoor Jr. Olympic size pool in the next 3 or 4 weeks. The pool has a retractable glass roof...pretty cool.

They also offer aerobics classes. I have always wanted to do something like this, but 1. have never known where I should go and 2. have never had anyone to join with me.

Well now I know where to go. I signed up for Cardio Dance, which I'm told is basically Zumba. As for who would join with me, I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone on this one. I don't know anyone else going.

Last night was my first night. It is 12 classes, 3 nights a week for the next 4 weeks. Oh my goodness!! I had so much fun. It was definitely a little embarrassing, but I felt better knowing I wasn't the only one who didn't know what I was doing.

There were about 13 of us last night. Women of all ages, color, shapes, and sizes. It sounded like most of us were more than willing to let go and laugh at ourselves.

It was definitely a workout. Made this girl sweat! I'm going back tonight for round two and am so looking forward to it. I've even been practicing my moves in front of the bathroom mirror. HA!!!

I am so glad the husband encouraged me to go ahead and sign up. It is going to keep me busy, which isn't a bad thing with all the husband's travels. I am already making new friends and I can get into shape which I am so not!!

30 Days: My Dream House

Awww!!! My dream house! Well anyone who knows my husband knows he is a dreamer and loves to design houses with computer software. This means we have a different dream house every 6 months to a year.

We like all different styles. It all depends on the location of the house. Our latest dream is a house on the lake that has large open rooms and a place for our parents to stay.

Of course most of the houses he designs are far bigger than we will ever be able to afford.

More important to me than the look and layout of the house is the atmosphere. I want my house to be a safe haven for my family. I want it to be a place where we long to be. I want it to be a place where my children want to hang out and where my children's friends want to hang out.

I want it to be a house where the Lord is glorified. I want it to be place that is covered in prayer. I want it to be a place my family can run to...and not just my immediate family, but all family.

My dream house is a home full of love. What it looks like really isn't important.

Monday, October 25, 2010

30 Days: Pictures & Scriptures

Day 14 (Yesterday) everyone shared a picture they loved. Like most, I couldn't just pick one. Here are a few of my faves!

This is the picture of Liam Bailey that was on It is the picture that made me fall in love with my little cuddly guy!

One of my favorite pictures from our wedding.

This was taken after Grandma Weaver's funeral back in June. I just love this pic! My husband sure looks good all dressed up!

Our family camping a couple of years ago.

This picture was taken on my 24th birthday. I just love this picture of my sweet family, mainly because it was such a great birthday. The husband made sure I felt very loved!!

Me & my girl meeting for the first time!!

And today we are sharing a Bible verse.

For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. Jeremiah 29:11

I love this verse! It is such comfort.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

30 Days: What You Believe & goals

I believe God created this Earth we living on along with everything else.
I believe Jesus is the Son of God born to the virgin Mary.
I believe Jesus Christ died on a cross for my sins and rose from the dead.
I believe marriage is between a man and woman.
I believe in the vows I exchanged with my husband on January 3, 2004.
I believe in God's timing concerning when we will have a baby.
I believe I have the two sweetest furbabies in the whole world.
I believe teaching is something I was made to do.
I believe God has blessed me far more than I could ever deserve.

My goals:
1) Be Debt Free!!
2) Learn to Sew
3) Finish my 1st year of marriage scrapbook
4) Visit all 50 states...especially Hawaii. :)
5) Go to a Hog game in Fayetteville

30 Days: Fears & TV

I am so behind with my blogging! It has been a crazy week. I had parent teacher conferences, Bunco night, projects to get finished, a cousin spending the night, shopping day with family, and just normal every day stuff. I've barely even touched my computer this week. All that to say get ready for rapid post firing. I have lots to do to catch up. :)

Here are a few of the 30 Days post that I've missed.

What You're Afraid Of...

I have an overwhelming fear of snakes. I would post a picture, but even a picture freaks me out. If I get anywhere near one, I begin to panic. My heart starts racing. I get hot and I immediately start crying. I can't help the tears. They just come!

The 8th grade science teacher has all sorts of critters in his classroom, including snakes. This started last year. I told him ahead of time I was deathly afraid. He didn't understand how afraid I really am. He brought a snake into my classroom and I was immediately against the wall in the corner as far away from him as I could get and was tearing up. I think he felt pretty bad about it.

I'm not sure where this fear comes from. I just know it is there and it is big and bad!

A couple of smaller fears are heights and crowds.

Favorite TV Shows

In no particular order...

The Little Couple
19 Kids & Counting
Gilmore Girls
Friends ( My All Time Fav!!)

Say Yes to the Dress

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Mini Getaway

Last Friday afternoon Andrew and I decided to attend a concert in a town two and half hours away. We knew we wouldn't feel like driving back after the concert so we book a hotel using points Andrew has from all his traveling. See...good things do come from not having a husband at home two weeks out of every month. :)

Saturday we slept in exhausted from the fair. We took our time about getting up and around. Once we were finally ready to go we loaded up the car and turned on the radio so we wouldn't miss the game.

Oh I'm glad we listened and didn't watch our Hogs. I don't think I could have taken it.

We arrived in Harrison in time to check into the hotel before going out for dinner and the concert.

As we were leaving I had my head down and walking pretty fast out of the hotel. I almost ran into this guy who was unloading his vehicle. I apolagized and jsut kept walking. I heard him and Andrew exchange a few words. When we got in the car I asked who it was. Andrew just looks at me like I'm crazy and informs that it was the lead singer of Sanctus Real. Oops!

At the concert we had VIP tickets which guarenteed us seas in the front row and backstage passes. We were front and center. I'm not sure I've ever been been that close to a stage while I was in my seat. Crazy kind of close.

Right before the show they called us back and we got to meet the bands. We had our picture taken with The After and Sanctus Real. Leeland had to head out before we got to them. All nice guys!!!

I really enjoyed The Afters. I love their new song Light Up the Sky. If you haven't heard you should check it out.

Leeland was good too, but very intense. The lead singer did more preaching than singing, which was totally fine, but it was kind of weird. It's hard to explain. He is just very intense and comes off looking mad.

Sanctus Real was AWESOME!! This was the second time we've seen them. Amazing show. At one point we were taking pictures and Matt, the lead singer, looked at Andrew and said, "Let me help you out with that." He then took our camera and took pictures of all the band members while they were playing. So...the following pictures are taken by the lead singer of Sanctus Real.

30 Days: When You're The Best of Friends

Today Katie is asking us to share pictures of our friends. My husband and our families are my closest friends.

Some of my other friends in no particular order....

My high school BFF. I love this girl! She is such a beautiful Christian woman. We always have a great time together.

The Springers...Stuart, Laura, and Jude. An amazing family. These three guarantee a good time.

The Winburns..Sinclair & Amanda. I love these two. I can completely be myself around them. Great friends who would do anything for us.

Monday, October 18, 2010

A Church Home

As you know, the husband and I have been without a church home for a year now. Wow! I can't believe it has been a year. Crazy. We are still going to church every Sunday, just not always the same church.

It's hard. Even though we have been going to church, we don't belong anywhere. We don't have a church family right now.

When we first left our last church, I was in NO hurry to join another church. I was burned out. Now I'm ready. I miss not having a home church.

A week ago, I felt like God shared with me where he wants us. It is a place that I never thought God would call us to. It's not a bad place at all. In fact I love the people of this church. They are so sweet. I've just never felt like I belonged when we've gone to this particular church. It is a place that I made very clear to my husband, I didn't want to be there.

Yet now, I feel God is calling us to that very church. I have felt Him tell me this twice now. Not an audible telling, just a feeling.

Andrew has not felt like God has shared this with him yet. I don't know why God hasn't shared with Andrew. Maybe I'm wrong or maybe God knows Andrew isn't ready or something. I don't' know.

I just know that now that I feel like we're supposed to be there, I want to hurry up and get there. That blows my mind because of they way I was running from this very place.

Anyways...all this to say... Will you please pray with me that Andrew and I will know where God wants us.

30 Days: A Place You've Traveled

A few of my favorites...

Destin, Florida

South Dakota

Washington DC

Friday Night Fair

Andrew and I won tickets to the state fair this year. To say I was excited would be a major understatement. I love the fair!! Andrew...not such a fan. I've never been able to sweet talk him into taking me. This year though, I finally won. We had free admissions and our good friends, the Winburns also won tickets.

Friday night was the night. I was easily the most excited out of the four of us. We decided to buy armbands since that was much cheaper than buying individual tickets.

We started the night with the ferris wheel. I think this is the only ride my husband truly enjoys. I on the other hand hate the ferris wheel. I will ride roller coasters, things that spin, or anything else for that matter. I love all rides. All rides except the ferris wheel. It totally creeps me out. I'm not a fan of heights and the ferris wheel just takes to long to come back down. I buried my head in the husband's arm and stared at the our feet.

Sinclair of course loved this and and kept messing me. He and Amanda were as happy as a couple of larks.

I did a little better toward the end of the ride.

After the ferris wheel we grabbed some yummy fair food. After burgers and dogs it was time for more rides.

We rode the scrambler which is by far my favorite fair ride. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. Something about the scrambler makes me giggle.

We had to ride the carousel of course. I'm pretty sure we were the only adults on the thing who weren't holding a little kid. We enjoyed every minute of it...some of us more than others. :)

After a few more rides the men were finished. They had had enough and were feeling a little sick.

We girls were feeling good and managed to ride a couple more rides before the boys said it was time to go home.

I loved it! But I'm pretty sure I will have to find someone else to go with me next year. I think the husband is done with the fair.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

30 Days: A Night At The Movies

Day 7 of Katie's 30 Day Challenge.
Today we are sharing our favorite movies. I don't think I have one favorite movie. There are several that I could watch over and over and over....actually I do watch them over and over. :)

Here are a few...
I love all three of these movies!

Okay so that is more than a few and I could still list several more!