Monday, August 31, 2009

Turtle Cake

Today one of the sweetest people I know made my day. This young lady is in the 8th grade and has the biggest heart. I have learned so much from her. I can't even begin to tell you what a special young lady she is.

Last year when she learned that I would not being teaching 8th grade this year, she cried for hours. :) It broke my heart, but also made me feel good. This year she is my aide for 2 class periods.

Today she walked into my room with a big white box. I knew immediately. Not only is this girl beautiful inside and out, but she is also very talented. She made me a birthday cake. Her cakes not only look good, but they are so delicious! Oh my goodness, they are good. I keep looking for an excuse to hire her. :)

Anyways, we have this running joke about turtles because she wore a shirt last year that had a turtle on it. I know that doesn't make sense. I don't really remember how the joke got started, but turtles are our thing. Thus, my turtle birthday cake. Isn't it cute!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

One for the books...

I'm not sure at what point I'm supposed to stop absolutely loving my birthdays. I do know that after 26 years now, I'm not there yet. I always feel like most adults could take or leave their birthday. They treat it like any other day of the year. I'm not one of those adults. It may be selfish, but I still want a big deal made out of my birthday.

I had many great birthdays as a child. Out of my adult birthdays, my 24th always stands out in my mind. Andrew called his family and put together a birthday dinner for me. They came over and cooked and and hung out. He also surprised me with an ipod that morning. I just remember feeling very special and loved on that birthday. Not that I don't always feel that way. But it was that special birthday feeling.

I must admit that I had already decided that this birthday wasn't going to be anything special, just another day. I had prepared myself not to be disappointed. Andrew has been gone working all week and I knew that he would be tired and need his rest on his short trip home. I was determined to not be selfish and give him the rest he needed.

Friday was one of those Fridays where I was really glad the weekend had arrived. I was exhausted. I put on my pj's immediately when I got home and started cleaning. I had lots to do to prep for my Southern Living party. About thirty minutes into my cleaning, Jill calls. Some of the Weaver fam are going out to eat. I did what any good sister/daughter-in-law would do. I forgot about cleaning and went to eat. :) It was nice to hang out with them. I must say that I married into the absolute best family. They are great! So much fun to be with.

After dinner, I came home and managed to get all of my cleaning and prep work finished. Okay so I cheated on one thing. I bought a rug to cover up something that was going to take more effort to clean than I felt like giving at 11 PM. But now my guest bathroom has more color and looks so much better. It's amazing how a little thing can make such a big difference.

Saturday morning I got everything ready and the house smelling good. My guests began arriving and we enjoyed some cinnamon rolls, muffins, and fruit. I really meant to take a picture of all this, but in the busyness of the morning, I completely forgot. The party was a big success, at least in my opinion. I thought my food was yummy and the company was great.

I have not hosted many things like this in the past. My lack of experience often makes me feel like I am incompetent. I have sister-in-laws who throw a great party. Their houses are beautiful and everything is always so nice. I will admit, when I do something like this party, I always worry if they will think it was nice. But anyways... the more I do these kind of things the more I realize how much I enjoy it. And I feel like the more I do it, the better I get.

I just felt so blessed having everyone in my home to celebrate with me. They are all so very special to me. I wish I had gotten a group pic to share with you, but again I forgot. You will just have to trust me when I tell you I had an awesome group of ladies in my house yesterday morning.

After the party, I went with my Mom, Mommom, and two little cousins to do a little shopping. Mommom told me to pick out my birthday present while we were in Kirklands. They had this cute little owl container. He was kind of odd, but he made me smile. I knew that is what I wanted. He looks great in my kitchen. He reminds me of my Mommom's house when I was younger. She had an owl in her house. Her owl didn't look like my owl, but she had an owl none-the-less. Of course as soon as Andrew saw him he just said, "What is that?". I like him.

When everyone had gone home and I was left alone again, I put on my new pj's from Momma B. They are so soft and comfy. The dogs and I curled up in bed and begin trying to make a decision on my own Southern Living purchase. I thought I had it all figured out, but my party was bigger than I had expected and some of my wish list is going to be on sale next month. That left me pondering what to buy and when to buy it. Southern Living has so many great things that it is hard to choose.

Some of what I want is Christmas stuff. This just makes me ready to get the tree out and start listening to Christmas music. Unfortunately, I don't think the husband will be dragging the tree out of the attic until after Thanksgiving. That's okay. I will just enjoy this wonderful fall weather until then.

The husband got home around 9 last night. He was exhausted. We laid in bed watching The West Wing and were both asleep almost instantly. I know great homecoming. All that mattered was that he was home.

Today is my actual birthday, and I believe there is no better day of the week for your birthday to fall on than the Lord's Day. It is just the best way to spend your birthday. Church was so great this morning. I missed last week because I wasn't feeling well so I felt like it had been forever. It was an awesome worship experience. I am so thankful to serve a God that I can call on whenever and wherever.

After church, Andrew told me he was taking me to eat wherever I wanted. I chose Rib Crib. We forget we have one nearby so we haven't eaten there in a while. It was quite yummy. We brought a meal home with us because we just couldn't finish it all. It is so nice to have him home. After a good Sunday nap and some time just talking, it was time for the husband to leave again. As soon as he pulled out of the driveway, the tears came. I know I'm a big baby. I'm just awful at being by myself. I knew that if I stayed home I would just sit in bed and cry. That is not how I wanted to spend my birthday or the Lord's day. I kicked the dogs outside, jumped in the car, and headed to Journey Church. I am so glad that I went. I enjoyed seeing fam and friends. And oh my little J.L. I got two or three good hugs from that little guy. And I got to see my little K. She is getting so big.

Drew will be gone until Thursday this time so I have big plans. I think I'm going to the movies with some girlfriends tomorrow night. As for the other three nights, I want to get all my scrapbook stuff together and semi-organized. I have lots of projects that I want to do. This fall weather makes me want to do it even more. I don't know what it is, but something about fall makes me feel crafty. It also makes me want to cook and bake, which is rare for me. Anyways, I figure no better time to get lost in cleaning and organizing my scrapbook stuff than while the husband is away. I really hope that by his return, I will be ready to scrap again. I miss it.

Other than the fact that the husband had to leave again, this has been a great birthday. Definitely one for the books. :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Great Friends and Southern Living

So the husband left today. I'm trying to focus on anything other than his absence. So far it has been easy. I just have to say my 7th graders are awesome!!! They are so funny. I wish you could spend a day with them. They have such personality.

Anyways... I have had several friends invite me over this week while the husband is away. It is so sweet of them. Just them asking makes me feel less lonely. This I am going to pretty busy working on things for school and my party this weekend.

My Southern Living Birthday Party is this Saturday. I am so excited about it. I have had a few people ask me about ordering online. So if you are interested in buying yourself a little something to celebrate my birthday, you can do it. You just have to go to http://www.southernlivingathome./paulafaulkner and click on Our Products and then How to Purchase. Be sure to enter my name as the hostess. It is easy.

Hope you are having a great week!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


The past few mornings, my Bible study has been dealing with pride. I have heard many sermons on pride, as I'm sure you have too. In the past whenever I was hearing about pride or reading about pride, I honestly thought... Yeah I deal with that sometimes, but I'm not a prideful person. In fact, I'm the opposite. My self esteem is high enough for me to be prideful.

Sound of game show buzzer!!!! Big Fat Wrong!!!

God has shown me that my past thoughts just aren't true. I look at them now and think, how prideful of me to think I'm not a prideful person. It is actually laughable now.

You see pride doesn't just mean thinking highly of yourself. It is more than thinking you are better than someone else.

Pride is anything that gets in the way of you glorifying God. And that includes low self esteem, pity parties. I had just never thought of it that way. But now I know that when I'm throwing myself a big pity party and feeling sorry for myself I'm focused on ME not God. That's pride.

I'm pretty sure being a truly humble person isn't an easy thing. It is something I figure I will be working on for the rest of my life. But I'm okay with that, because something tells me God is going to teach me a lot on this journey. He has already reminded me that He is the one who created everything and without Him, nothing is created (John 1:3). That in itself is humbling. He did it all and just by speaking it. I pray that everyday I am reminded of who my God is!

Monday, August 24, 2009

What we are up to

Before this past weekend, I had was making plans for this big blog post about my weekend and how great it was. But, I ended up taking no pictures and being sick part of the weekend. So here it what we ended up with.

Friday night, Andrew was helping a friend put up sheet rock. I stayed home and watched movies on LMN. I started with The Ron Clark Story. As a teacher, I absolutely love this movie. It makes me cry every time I watch it. And I will admit, it always makes part of me wish I taught in a difficult school. However, God and I both know that I am not thick-skinned enough for this. But I also know that I don't have to teach in what most people consider a difficult school to make a difference. Watching this movie always gives me an extra boost to give it my all.

Saturday I met my Momma, Mommom, and cousin, Shawna, for shopping. I got some great deals. I bought over $100 worth of close at a store called 1/2 of 1/2. It is great! Pictures are to come. Two things I bought had to go home with my Mommom to be sewed up. Most of the clothes at this store are in great condition, but some things have a missing button or zipper or something. I also bought my first pair of Yellow Box Flip Flops. Jill, you should try these. They will be better for your foot pain than any other flip flop. They are honestly the most comfortable shoe I have ever owned. They are so soft. It is like walking on a cloud. Anyways, we had a yummy lunch, good shopping, and even better quality time.

Saturday night, Andrew and I went to celebrate his brother-in-law's birthdays. More good time with fam. I got to see my little J.L. I miss getting to see that boy every Sunday. I don't know how I'm going to make it when Miss A and Miss M get here in November. I may have to move in with Jill and Sara. HA! Wouldn't they love that! Maybe if I took my turn at getting up in the middle of the night?

Sunday I was looking forward to church. But I woke up Sunday morning not feeling so great. I stayed home, which I must say didn't set my day well.

This week is going to be a busy and lonely one. Tomorrow night, HGMS has our very first football game. I will be going to that to cheer my boys on. Wednesday, the husband leaves for business in Louisiana. He will be back last Saturday night for church on Sunday. However, he has to go back on Sunday and won't be home until Thursday. :(

Saturday I'm having a Southern Living Party to celebrate my upcoming birthday. I am very excited about this. I think it is going to be a blast and hopefully I will have lots of pictures of the fun to share with you.

I'm thinking a giveaway might be coming you way in the next few weeks, so stay tuned for that!

Here's to a great week. Love you guys!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Is it June yet?

Just Kidding... although I am exhausted. Today started early. I was up and going at 5:30. I wanted to give myself plenty of time and I needed to be at school early if I wanted a good parking spot. You see the first day of school is the one day parents love to drive their child to school. That takes up several parking spots. But on top of that, we are in the process of building a new middle school (VERY EXCITED ABOUT THAT) and it is going where our parking lot used to be. So... you can either get to school first and get one of the few parking spaces in the front or you have to park down by the gym and walk uphill. This is not the shortest walk. I made it to school by 7:15 and got a parking spot in the front. So far so good.

Now I made a rookie mistake today. A mistake that I shouldn't have made. I knew better. Last night I kept going through my closet, but I just couldn't settle on anything to wear. I had a good outfit but no shoes. That's right. I went and bought brand new shoes last night and proceeded to wear them today. Now let me tell you, my feet were styling today. But, they also had blisters before the first bell. Like I said, rookie mistake. Won't happen again.

Today felt very chaotic. I have 4 sections of 7th grade Science and 2 sections of 7th grade World History. I also have two study hall classes. It all went pretty well. I am so excited about teaching History. I can't even tell you. I kind of feel sorry for these kids. I am so going to be teacher that is way into what I'm teaching. :)

I must say that I have a couple of classes that I just love already. There are some hilarious kids in 7th grade this year.

The first day is always full of paperwork. Yuck. But it has to be done. I'm ready to get down and get busy with the good stuff.

I'm also having my first student council meeting tomorrow. I have some work tonight to get things ready for that.

For now.. I'm resting. The first day always wears me out. I'm thinking a hot bath, a good movie, student council stuff, and then sleep.

Oh... And I'm thankful that God waited on the rain until I was home and snuggled in bed.

And just because I haven't had a post with a picture in what seems like forever here is a pic of me and the husband in front the Capitol on our DC trip.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Back to School and Babies

It's official. Summer is over. It is back to work Wednesday. I have enjoyed my summer although I feel it has flown by entirely too fast. My to do list did not get much shorter but I am okay with that. I am still working in my room today which is unusual for me. It has caused me a bit of stress, but I am feeling much more prepared. When Andrew gets off work, we are going to go do a few last minute things in my room and then I will be all ready. He is going to be hanging a few things for me.

I went to a friend's baby shower yesterday. I honestly felt like I was the only person there not pregnant. Yes this an exaggeration, but honestly.... I know more people than I can count who are expecting a little one. It is hard to describe how I feel about this. I am so happy for all of these families. I don't want to be pregnant right now. Andrew and I are not ready. However, I feel left out. I guess I wish we were ready. I know... doesn't really make sense. I just don't know how to be a part of conversations about having babies, because I know nothing about being pregnant. Someday though...someday.

Monday, August 10, 2009

It's been awhile...

I realized today that it has been over a week since my last post. I've been very busy and just don't feel like anything new has been happening. School starts next Wednesday. YIKES!! Where did the summer go? Who came and took it? I honestly can't believe I have a little over a week before I'm back into teaching every day. People keep asking me if I'm ready. Well, I guess the answer to that question depends on what you mean by ready. I am always excited to be back in the classroom and meet my new students. I love the first day of school. I always have. However, if you were to see my classroom, you would know that in that area I am definitely not ready. I worked for several hours today and feel like little was accomplished. I have so much to do that it is hard to know where to begin. Hopefully I will make some major headway tomorrow.

Andrew and I are also busy getting involved at our new church home. He has been working quite a bit. He has been very good though at making sure I'm okay with him being there. He knows I worry that this new project will overtake his time. It is just who he is. He absolutely loves what he is doing at ISBC and he gets very caught up in it. I am just glad he is enjoying it and is excited about. My husband definitely has a gift for all that technical stuff. :) I went to Sunday School for the first time yesterday. I knew I wanted to get involved in one soon, but I wasn't sure where to go. I wanted to be in a married class seeing as how I'm married and all, but I knew I would be going alone. Drew is doing sound check during Sunday School Hour. I asked a new friend from church and decided to join her for a married class. I really enjoyed it and am glad I went. Even though I was the only person in the room without my spouse, I didn't feel out of place. That is how I know this is where God wants us. I feel so completely comfortable and at home at ISBC. I feel like I've been there for years.

I'm loving the month of August because I am getting lots of time with my Momma and other family members. She and my Daddy were here Saturday. We drove to Hot Springs to hit a few antique shops. My Daddy loves going in them and hunting for electric trains. Mom and I just walk and talk. She and my Mommom are coming down again on the 22nd for some shopping. Then on the 29th I'm having a Southern Living at Home party to celebrate my birthday and they will be back again.

I love spending time with my Momma. It was very hard on me when Andrew and I first got married. I would sit on the bed and just cry. I would tell Andrew that I wanted to go home. He had to remind me on several occasions that my home was in LR with him now. And it is home now. But I still talk to my Momma almost every day either by email or on the phone.

Anyways...the whole makeup thing is still going well. It is still hard to believe that I have become a makeup wearing girl. :) I like it though. It makes me feel better about how I look when I leave the house in the morning.

So that's it. Nothing too new or exciting, but it's life and it is good so I can't complain.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Our Weekend

The weekend started Friday with me sleeping in. I had to get up early every day last week so Friday was great. Of course, Friday morning the sun was shining brightly into our bedroom window. Every other day it was raining and still very dark in our room. Oh well.

When I finally got up and around, I headed to my classroom. It was the first time I have been in there since the last day of school. I needed to get all my furniture put back for Open House which is this Thursday. I managed to get the fish tank pushed across the hall to its new home and my desk moved into the hall. I'm getting rid of it. Scary, I know! Then I decided to open my new filing cabinet. I laid it down on the ground and was slowly sliding it out of the box when things went awry. I pulled on it wrong and pain immediately shot through my back and right leg. I must inform you that I injured it last Saturday while putting on pants. Don't know how it happened. Anyways, I stood there for several minutes because the slightest movement caused me pain. I managed to sit down on one of the tables so that I could call Andrew. I asked if he could help me move it one day this coming week because it had to be done. I crawled out to my car and came home. I laid in bed the rest of the night in great pain. Thankfully I had my sweet husband to take good care of me.

I spent Saturday pretty much the same way.. in bed. Andrew worked at the church all day. Saturday evening we went to a cookout with some new friends from church. It was a night of laughs and getting to know our new friends. Don't worry at this point my back was feeling better.

This morning was church and it was so good. Our pastor is doing a series on spiritual warfare. Today he shared that we must spend time in God's word and hide it in our hearts. It is the biggest weapon we have. This was also the lesson of my quiet time a few days ago. I was reminded of how Jesus resisted Satan's temptations. He disputed Satan's arguments with Scripture.

We are home resting now. Gearing up for another work week. The Weavers are all heading out on vacation today. We hope they have a great time. Maybe we will be able to join them for dinner one night this week.

So that was our weekend. Peaceful minus the back injury.