Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Man

I came across this tonight while I was stalking other blogs. I do that from time to time when I'm bored - just read through random people's blogs. Strange I know.

I love my man. He is my very best friend. He's my rock. I don't know what I do without him.

So tonight, I thought I'd play this game and answer a few questions about my man.

1. Who is your man? Andrew

2. How long have you been together? We went on our first date ten years ago, were engaged 8 years ago, and will celebrate 8 years of marriage in January.

3. How long did you date? We dated on and off for two years before getting engaged.

4. How old is your man? My sweetie turned 30 this year.

5. Who eats more? Ha! Definitely him. :)

6. Who said "I love you" first? He did. I responded with "Okay".

7. Who is taller? The husband is a full foot taller than I am.

8. Who sings better? He is and I love that about him.

9. Who is smarter? Him, hands down. He is the smartest person I know. And I truly mean that.

10. Whose temper is worse? Hmm. I guess I will say his.

11. Who does the laundry? Most of the time I do the laundry, but he does help.

12. Who takes out the garbage? He does.

13. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I do.

14. Who pays the bills? Thankfully he does. We tried several different ways of doing this before finding what works for us. He pays all of the bills except the water bill.

15. Who is better with the computer? Considering computers are his job, I'd say him. That man can do anything with a computer.

16. Who mows the lawn? Our nephew, Cody. HA! I'd say this is one of Andrew's least favorite chores so we pay our nephew to take care of it for us. Andrew doesn't have to worry about and Cody always has gas money. It works well for us. And we are so thankful that Cody doesn't mind.

17. Who cooks dinner? McDonald's, Wendy's, Taco Bell, ... Seriously we eat out too much. On the rare occasion we cook we typically cook together.

18. Who drives when you are together? Andrew - It's how we've survived almost 8 years of marriage. :)

19. Who pays when you go out? He pays nine out of ten times. Occasionally he'll ask me to. It doesn't really matter it all comes from the same place.

20. Who is most stubborn? That's tough. We are both very stubborn people.

21. Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? Again - we are both very stubborn people. :)

22. Whose parents do you see the most? It's about even. Maybe mine parents since his have moved to Osceola. We love our families and try to spend as much time with as possible.

23. Who kissed who first? He kissed me!

24. Who asked who out? He asked me to hang out.

25. Who proposed? He proposed on my birthday.

26. Who is more sensitive? Definitely ME!

27. Who has more friends? He does.

28. Who has more siblings? Andrew has two brothers and three sisters. I have one brother.

29. Who wears the pants in the family? I like to think it's even, but in all honestly he does.

I tag...Jennifer, Chelsey, Sara, Jill, and whoever else wants to play along.


Saturday, November 26, 2011


Our Thanksgiving starts on Wednesday every year. That is when we celebrate with the Weavers. The past few years we have celebrated in Little Rock, but this year we headed three hours north to Osceola. Andrew's parents just moved into their new house and it was nice to celebrate in their new home this year. There was plenty of room. And we need lots of room to accommodate all of us.

Thursday we headed over to spend the day with my family. We celebrated my Momma's birthday along with Thanksgiving.

Andrew had to work Friday. I slept in and enjoyed every second of it. I got up and attacked the crowds around 9:30. I found a few good deals and then came back home. I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning and watching football. Our hogs lost, but it's okay. We had a good year.

Yesterday was a busy day. We celebrated our nephew, Jackson's 4th birthday and our niece, Millie's 2nd birthday. Love those two.

Last night we brought all of the Christmas decor down from the attic. We rearranged furniture and cleaned the living room. By the time that was finished, we were both ready for bed. Hopefully the tree will go up soon. Since we didn't put a single decoration last year, I'm extra excited about it this year.

We still have not made any progress on the Christmas card. Well, that's not entirely true. I've picked out our card online. Now we just have to take pictures.

It's back to work tomorrow. Three weeks and then Christmas break. Yes, I'm already counting down. :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Edited to add: Another teacher just told me she heard B was saved last month. This lets my heart rejoice for him. I'm so glad to know this about him.

I'm at a loss for words right now. I received news earlier tonight that one of my students was in a go cart accident at his home and was air lifted to the hospital. I immediately began to pray for him and his family.

Shortly after I received word that he didn't make it.

B was only in 7th grade. He was 12 years old, maybe 13. I can't remember right now. He was a short little guy. The class clown. He was the kind of kid who raised his hand and then claimed to have forgotten his question because he thought that was funny. His stuff could be found all over our hallway because he left it all over the place. In all honesty, he drove me crazy. But he also made me laugh daily.

I will never understand this side of Heaven why things like this happen. I may not understand when I get to Heaven. I don't know if B was saved. I never asked. I'm kicking myself for that right now.

I want to line every one of my students up tomorrow and ask if they are saved.

Tomorrow. It's not going to be an easy day. If you think about it, pray for me and the other teachers. Pray for our students. Pray for B's family.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Jumping on the Bandwagon

There was a time in my life when I swore off pinterest. I did not see what was so great about it. I save things I find all the time in folders in my favorites. My favorites are very organized. What was the difference between that and pinterest?

No one really seem to have an answer to that question.

A few weekends ago, Andrew and I spent a lot of time in a hospital. His dad had open heart surgery. Thankfully he is doing very well now. During that weekend there were times when it was not appropriate for girls to be in the room so I hung out in the waiting room with my sister-in-laws.

Joy Beth and I were visiting and playing on our phones when the subject of pinterest came up. She was showing me some super cute outfits that she had pinned. That was the moment it happend. I jumped right on that bandwagon and have been addicted ever since.

The only problem with pinning cute outfits is that is makes me want to go shopping. I want to go buy all the things I'm pinning.

Here are a few of my favorites.

Are you pinning???

Sunday, November 13, 2011

My First Etsy Store Sale

I opened an etsy store awhile back. I'd love to fill it with beautiful scrapbooks for sale, but I just haven't had the time. I haven't even been scrapbooking for me. I'm learning that it's okay to do a page at a time. I don't have to sit down and do an entire album in one night. With the suggestion of Chelsey, I've also made a list of projects I want/need to complete. I hope these two things will help me scrapbook on a more regular basis. I really do love it. It is such a great relaxation for me.

Last week I sold my first item on etsy. I was stoked! I ended up selling her two things for a birthday party for her triplets. How cool is that? She is doing a mickey mouse party.

I had the privilege of making the birthday banner. Here are a few pics. Please ignore the fact that my floors need to be cleaned. :) I told you, I'm working on it one thing at a time. Accountability people accountability.

Christmas Ornament Exhcange

I'm starting to get into the Christmas spirit. I have been listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas movies for the past few weeks. Honestly, I'd probably go ahead and put up the tree, but the husband says no.

I stumbled across a Christmas Ornament Exchange tonight as I was reading different blogs. Tomorrow is the last day to sign up, so I'm excited I found it tonight.

I absolutely love Christmas ornaments. We have such a variety of ornaments. I love all things bright and funky. I will share a few with you after Thanksgiving when we start pulling the Christmas decor down out of the attic.

A Weekend With Family

The husband and I spent the weekend with our fams. He headed north Saturday morning to help move his parents in their new house. I know they are thrilled to be at this point. Though I missed him, I'm glad he was able to go help them and spend time with them.

I headed north Friday right after work to spend time with my folks. My aunts, uncles, and cousins all gathered at my Mommom's house Friday night for dinner. Most were able to make it. Those who couldn't were missed.

I spent the night with my parents Friday night and was able to briefly meet the brother's new girlfriend.

Yesterday, we got dressed and went out to take some family pictures in the yard. I wanted to play with my new camera and my parents love me enough to let me. :) I think we got some good shots. I won't bombard you with pictures, but here are a few of my favorites.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Wardrobe

I posted last week's wardrobe selections on my teaching blog. Here is the link if you are interested. Just thought it would be fun.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Maiden Name Game

I received this as an email today. I decided to answer on the old blog here instead of sending an email to everyone.

1. Maiden name: - Ball

2. An animal – Bobcat

3. A boy's name – Benjamin

4. A girl's name – Belinda

5. An occupation – Bus Driver

6. A color – Brown

7. Something you wear – Beret

8. A beverage – Beer

9. A food – Burgers

10. Something found in the bathroom – Brush

11. A place – Branson

12. A reason for being late – Broken down car

13. Something you shout – Beware!

I'm supposed to find ten people to play so go ahead. Get started!! I'd love for you to leave me a comment saying you posted your answers. I'll come read. I promise!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's November....

So, it's November. I figured I better do a new post or you all would start to think I'd disappeared. That is if any of you are still out there. Are you out there?

Ya'll I started bootcamp last night. I'm not going to lie. It was hard! There was nothing fun about it. I miss Zumba. It confirmed the fact that I have absolutely no upper body strength. My arms are VERY sore today. Push ups are evil. :) Hoping I can survive the next six weeks.

This year is absolutely flying by. I've said that before, but it's never flown like it is this year. I don't want to even think about how close Christmas is. Andrew bought Michael Buble's Christmas album a couple of weeks ago. It is starting to get me in the Christmas mood. It's a pretty good cd. I think I might include it in Christmas give away soon.

Speaking of Christmas, I'm at a complete loss as to what we are going to do for our Christmas card this year. We've normally already had our photo shoot by this point. You see I've had this idea in my head for months, but I'm slowly coming to he realization that it just isn't going to come together the way I want. So now I'm completely clueless. Oh the husband had a suggestion. I vetoed that one immediately!! Though I'm getting desperate so if you totally don't "get" our card this year, you'll know I went with his suggestion. :)

On a completely different note, I'm on a mission to get our house clean and organized. I'm giving myself one or two jobs at a time. The whole shebang is way to overwhelming. I'm going to need you guys to hold me accountable. Ask me how it's going. K?

That's all I have for now. Maybe I'll have something worth blogging about soon. Right now we're just living and staying busy. :)