Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A request for a miracle

My heart and mind has had one big focus today. All babies are miracles from God regardless of how they arrive in this world. Something that I will never understand is why it can be so easy for some women to have babies when they don't even want to be a mother while women who desperately want to be a mom can't just become a mom. My beautiful sister Jill is one of the latter. She and her hubby Alex are two wonderful people. I can't put into words how much I love the two of them so I won't even try -I'll just say that I love them. They have been trying to have a baby for quite some time, but for reasons that only our God knows, they haven't been successful in this journey. Tomorrow they will try again. She is going to the doctor for a transfer tomorrow. I'm praying so hard that these little babies will love their new home want to stay for the next nine months. Jill and Alex would make such wonderful parents. I love to watch them play with their nieces and nephews, but it breaks my heart. I have watched God work one BIG miracle in their life already and I know that he can and will work another one for them. We don't know how or when, but He will.

If you don't mind, please take a moment out of your day to pray for Jill and Alex tomorrow and for their little babies.

I'm looking forward to helping in such a small way Thursday night. After tomorrow she will be on bed rest for a couple of days and work is taking our hubbies out of town. I have the pleasure of taking dinner to Jill and anything else she needs.

Now one last thing - I asked you to pray for them so now it is my turn to do what I asked of you.

Dear Lord,I just come to you tonight with a heavy heart. I lift Jill and Alex and their babies up to you. I just pray that you would take care of each one of them. I pray that you would open Jill's womb and make those babies comfy in their new home. I pray they will love it so much and want to stay for nine more months. Lord, I don't know why you haven't blessed Jill and Alex with children yet, but I believe that someday you will. Until then I pray that you would continue to give them peace on their journey. I pray that they would continue to lean on you for strength. Your word says to lean on you and not our own understanding. I know that they are doing that on a daily basis. Continue to be with them on their journey and I pray that this journey would continue to draw both of them closer to each other as husband and wife and closer to you. Lord, thank you for the miracles you have already worked in their lifes and thank you for the miracles you are going to continue working in their lives. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Liam Bailey

Well it looks like Liam Bailey is going to survive this intestinal parasite. We have been giving him his antibiotics every day and let me just tell you he doesn't like them at all. It is a fight to get him to take it. This is a major change from Liberty. She has loved every medicine we have ever had to give her and normally wants more than her dosage. Liam is definitely feeling better. He is back to playing and wrestling with Lib and his appetite is back. It is nice to know that he is going to be okay.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Dedication to my babies

Playing around with scrapblog again.

Those People

We have officially become those people who rush their pets to the vet in the middle of the night. At 10:30 last night (because it is now EARLY Sunday morning) Liam gave us a little scare. He has been moping around all day and just hasn't been himself the past couple of days. He got down out of the bed and tried to use the bathroom on his pottymat. There was a very small amount of poo (sorry for tmi) and a lot of blood with little white things that looked like rice. He kept trying to go the bathroom and less and less came out and it got more and more red. So we left Liberty here and rushed him to a 24 hour animal hospital that is by our church. They did a fecal test and it turns out he has a parasite called Coccidia. The doctor sent us home with three antibiotics for him to take. Two of them he gets twice a day for 7 days and the third one he only has to take once a day. Coccidia is contagious so he can't be around Liberty. This poses a problem. Right now he is in the bathroom barking like crazy because we've left him alone. Liberty is in the bedroom with us sitting at the door crying because she wants him. I don't know how much sleep any of us will get this morning as it now 1:20 AM.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

My Saturday Date

Today - just further proof that I have the best husband ever!!! We slept in and then went to the matinee to see Fireproof. All I had to do was ask. :) Great movie. Made us both cry. I recommend you go see it. You won't be sorry. Anyways, then he took me to Mardel's and Hobby Lobby to look around. Afterwards, we had yogurt from TCBY, which I love. Then home for a nap. When we woke up, he took me out to eat at Applebee's. Did I mention that the whole time we were out, he opened my car door. He did this when we first started dating, but has long since dropped that habit. It was very nice. It has just been a very nice day with my husband. I love him so much. I have been an emotional cranky mess this past week and he still treats me to such a wonderful Saturday.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I have the best husband.

The past few days have been very long days. Today was really bad. My students just don't want to follow simple directions. Today they couldn't even tear a piece of paper in half. Yesterday, I had to go the dentist. I can't put into words how much I hate the dentist, even when I just have my teeth cleaned which is what I did yesterday. Unfortunately I have two small cavaties and have to go back. This doesn't make for the best mood. Plus I had to cook for home group last night and nothing sounded yummy - I just couldn't make up my mind. I know that I took it out on my hubby. He was very sweet and patient through it all - he knows how I feel about the dentist. So I just wanted to say thanks to him even though he doesn't read my blog. I'm sorry that I tend to take my bad days out on you, hubadin. I do love you and I'm thankful that you are patient enough to deal with my bad days.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Who Me? Couldn't Be!

Pinkalicious's post inspired me to do my own "not me" post. These are things that I definitely "did not" do today. :)

1. I did not hit snooze this morning and then sleep for another HOUR!!!!
2. I did not text while driving this morning. I know that this isn't safe to do while driving.
3. I also definitely did not decide to drive all the way back to school tomorrow after my dentist appointment for a baby shower.
4. I did not torture my students by making them write songs and then sing them in front of the entire class.
5. I did not avoid planning last night to lay in bed and watch television with my hubby.
6. I also didn't leave all the dishes in my kitchen last night.

See - I'm a good little girl. I didn't do any of these things. :)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Playing with new site

Good TV

Just laying in bed watching Andy Griffith with Andrew and the puppies. Why don't they make tv like this anymore. I personally find this show to be very funny and entertaining. They do it without bad language and sex too. Sometimes I feel either much older or much younger than I really am. I can't stand to watch anything filled with bad language, blood, or sex. However, I do love shows on the disney channel. I like these oldies like Andy Griffith too. They just don't make them like Andy anymore.

Friday, September 19, 2008


The weekend is here. Yippee!! It has been a long week at school and rest is much needed. Although, I have a lot to do this weekend and probably won't get much rest.

Andrew comes home today. He should be here in a couple of hours. I'm so ready to see him. Even though I've had two dogs in bed with me all week, the bed has felt empty without him here. I really missed him last night. Liam ate something that didn't set well with his little tummy. Around 6:30 yesterday evening he threw up. Normally Andrew takes care of this type of mess. I had to do it last night and it ended up making me throw up. When I called to tell Andrew, all he said was how would I deal with kids. Of course I will be fine. He will take care of all the puke and I'll take care of all the poop. :) Seems like a great idea, although probably not very realistic.

While I'm blogging, I have a prayer request. My principal's husband has been very sick off and on. The doctors don't know what is wrong. He has been in and out of the hospital since this summer. He had surgery today to remove his galbladder. This summer their two kids (2nd and 3rd grade) were with their g-ma and didn't really realize what was going on. Now that they are home and aware of their dad being sick, it has been really hard on their son (2nd grade). He doesn't want to go to class and always wants his mom. They have also taken in a 9th grade student who can be quite a handful to say the least. They have her because her father wanted to send her to a mental hospital. Needless to say this family has a lot to deal with right now. My principal is a very private person who doesn't want to let us help in ways of childcare or anything like that. So... if you have a minute, please pray for this family. I know they could really use it right now. Thank you.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Single Mom of Two

That is me this week. Andrew left with Alex about an hour ago to head to Oklahoma City. They won't be back until Friday. :( Every time Andrew is gone for any amount of time, I always think I could never be a trucker's wife or a soldier's wife. I hate it when he is gone and I'm glad that he doesn't have to travel very often. I just pray for safe travels and that the days will go by quickly.

So for the week it is just Liberty, Liam, and me. At least I will get all of the puppy warmth at night. I'm also cooking one of my favorite meals tonight. It is just chicken noodle soup, but Andrew isn't a fan. He calls it porridge and says he feels like he should be on the Oregon Trail when he eats it. One of these days I'm going to make it and turn our kitchen table into a covered a wagon. :)

I do have big plans for the next couple of nights. As always, I have lots of prepping to do for school. I also plan to do some scrapbooking this week. And I'm planning on having dinner with Jill one night since she is home alone this week too.

Looking forward to having my hubby back and to a week of scrapbooking, girly tv shows, and good food.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Family Time

Momma, Daddy, Seth, & Ashlee came down for lunch today after church. They wanted to meet Liam Bailey, whom they immediately fell in love with. Who can blame him? He is so little & cute that you just can't resist him. We had a great lunch of Au Ju - one of my hubbies favs. When we opened the door this afternoon upon our arrival home from church I looked at Drew and said it smells like your mom's house. :) The smell of roast remeinds me of Sunday lunch @ the Weaver's. It made me miss going to lunch at the in-laws every Sunday afternoon.

Anyway - back to the visit with my fam. It was good. I always enjoy hanging out with them. I'm pretty sure that someday Ashlee will be my sister so it's really good getting to know her. She is so quite. She hardly ever says a word. I guess that is what the Weavers thought about me in the beginning. I'm still not nearly as loud as they are, but I do talk now.

We went to a few antique stores which my Daddy loves. Apparently Ashlee does too. I think she is worse than Daddy. :)

It is so weird to see my baby brother with the woman that will I'm sure be his wife soon. It makes me wonder why wait until 2010. That is when they want to get married. Yet, they are together 24/7 now. What are they waiting on? A question I will have to ask them the next time I see them.

Oh and one more detail about our afternoon visit. Liam Bailey fell in love. He has never tried to "play" with Liberty - probably because she bullies him. But, he was trying so hard to "play" with Ally. Ally is my Momma's inside dog. She and Liam look a lot of like. Maybe that is what caused him to LOVE her. Below is a pic of three muskateers.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fall Boredom

I have been meaning to post about how I love the fact that fall is approaching. It makes me ready for sweaters, football, and leaves falling. It also has me ready for Christmas. The other night I went out in the rain and for whatever reason the rain @ night made me ready for the holidays. If you want to know how I feel, read Jill's blog. She blogged all my feelings about fall for me. Thanks sister! :)

However, this weather also brings on another feeling for me. Boredom/Creativity. This weather makes me want to be crafty. Crazy I know. It's driving me insane right now. I have at least 6 scrapbooks that I would like to be working on right now, but my scrapbook room is torn apart and sitting in the garage. Hopefully that will won't be the case for very much longer. As soon as Cary, my b-i-l gets back from vacationing I'm going to try to put him & Drew to work. :) For today I will settle for scrapbooking @ the kitchen table. This weather makes me want to be creative with food as well as papers, but unfortunately I'm not so talented in the cooking department. Andrew says it is because I'm so picky - I don't know what food is supposed to taste like and I just don't enjoy doing it.

I've also been dreaming about ways to decorate my house so that is that fall/holiday feeling. Kudos to Jill & Joy my 2 s-i-l's. Their homes always have that feeling. I wish I knew how they did it. I'm sure helps that they are both much better housekeepers than I will ever be. I also blame it on my furniture. They both have darker furniture that goes with anything. I have blue leather. Don't get me wrong. I love my furniture, but it has more of a summer feeling and less of a fall feeling. I find it very difficult to make blue leather match fall. Maybe I can talk Andrew into buying furniture for each season. HA!