Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weekend Recap

Thursday Okay so I know Thursday isn't technically part of the weekend, but I'm starting there anyway! Back in May, the husband and I bought tickets for A Night with the Chapmans. We are big Steven Curtis fans. I've seen him a couple of times in concert and the husband has seen him several times as well. We were excited. Then September rolls around and we realize that the husband won't be able to go due to work. He has been in Oklahoma City last week and this week. I was definitely bummed that he couldn't go. I went back and forth on who I should ask and finally decided to go with my first thought. So I called her up and my BFF, Mandy, joined me. I was thrilled that she was able to go with me. We had a blast!!

It was unlike any SCC concert I've ever been too. Losing his daughter has really changed him, not that that is surprising.
He played a lot of her newer songs and we did a lot of sitting. I've never sat so muc at a concert. In fact during Lord of the Dance, Mandy and I rebelled. By the end of the song we were the only two standing! Seriously!!

His sons' band Caleb opened for him. They are awesome! Mandy and I bought their cd, met them, and of course had our picture made with them. Sweet boys!!

In the middle of Steven's set, his wife Mary Beth came out and shared a little bit of her heart with. She is too funny! And the two of them together. Oh my!! They have great chemistry and are just hilarious together. I loved hearing her talk. She says it terrifies her, but she did such a awesome job. I would love to hear again sometime.

Before the show, while we were waiting on the doors to open, Mandy and I entered our names in a drawing at the American Family Radio table. They were giving away some Casting Crown tickets and several movies. We went out to check the table and intermission and what do you know.... I won!! I'm now the proud owner of this movie.

I'll let you know how it is.

I had a workshop at students. All went great until I started driving home. On my way home this happened...

Major flat tire on the side of the interstate. No one I called answered their phone. I finally called the husband even though he was in OK City and couldn't help. Our good friend Stuart ended up coming to my rescue. I'm so thankful for good friends. The husband is now considering signing me up for Triple A, especially since he out of town so much right now. Anyone a member? What do you think?

I wasn't comfortable driving on my spare tire, so my sweet S-I-L Joy gave me a lift to Kandace's birthday party. She is now two years and is talking like crazy! She is such a cutie!!

Love that Amelia is just lounging on Cody while Kandace opens presents. Her birthday is coming up too. Uncle Andrew and I are working a very special present for her.

Saturday Pretty low key day. We got new tires for my car and lounged around the house since the hogs had the week off.

Sunday After church we had lunch with the Billsons and then played tennis with Tyler and Cody. I had so much fun, but I'm really bad at tennis. :) It was Andrew and I against Tyler and Cody... I would mess up and Andrew would just sigh real big...kind of funny. Even though I stunk it up out there I want to play some more when the husband comes home.


  1. What a fun weekend (minus the flat tire). Can't wait to hear about the movie. I've never heard of it.

  2. I'm so glad you got to go hear the chapman's!

  3. I know A Night with The Chapman's was so good...just love their fam. So glad you and your friend got to go! Love that pic of Amelia and Cody! :)