Wednesday, October 13, 2010

30 Days: My First Love

I know we are only three days into this 30 Day challenge, but I'm really enjoying it. Today is all about your first love. For some reason I struggled with this one. It seemed like a trick question for some reason.

I know the "good" answer is Jesus Christ and He is absolutely number one in my life today. At least, I try to make him number one. He is first and foremost.

So if by first you mean most important right now then absolutely Yes, Jesus Christ.

But if you mean first as in before anyone else, then unfortunately it was Jesus Christ. Though I was accepted Jesus as my personal savior when I was 16, I didn't fall in love with Him until much later in life.

So then there is the husband. He is definitely the first person I ever loved in that forever and ever no matter what kind of way. He is my best friend here on earth. He is the only man I ever considered spending the rest of my life with.

Here are some of my favorite pics ever taken of the husband and me. My sweet sister-in-law Jill took them as our engagement pictures. Sorry they are poor quality...these are pictures of the actual pictures.

And this is one of my favorites of the husband...He looks like he is in a Gap commercial.

But there was someone before the husband. His name was Chris. I met Chris in 7th grade and we instantly hit off. We became best friends right from the start and remained best friends until we both got married and moved on with life. Chris and I had a very special relationship that no one seemed to understand but us. I loved Chris as much as my young high school self could love someone. It was a different kind of life than I have for my husband. He was a very special person in my life for several years and he is the one I considered to be first love.

So that's my answer....I guess it depends on how you define first and how you define love....and now I'm going to stop because I'm starting to sound like a pastor I know.. and that's not at ALL good. :) (Sorry inside joke)

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