Saturday, October 16, 2010

30 Days: Parents & Siblings

Well, I didn't make it very far into this 30 day challenge before I was behind. Surprise Surprise! Thursday was just one of those days where I need to come home, put the pjs on, and go to bed. I meant to double up yesterday, but didn't have time . We went to the fair last night with some friends. Lots of fun! Be expecting a post about that soon.

So let's backtrack... Thursday's challenge was about parents and Friday's was about siblings. Two of my favorite things...

My parents...

I made Chris and Patty parents on August 30th back in 1983. They've done pretty well if I do say so myself.

Daddy is my hero. I view him like most little girls view their Daddy. He can do anything. He knows how to fix anything or how to build anything. I think I'm more like my Momma than my Daddy, but there are definitely things Daddy and I have in common. We both loves us some Arkansas Razorbacks. We love roller coasters! One of my favorite pictures of me and my Daddy is one that is taken on a roller coaster a couple of summers ago. Every once in awhile someone will tell me I look like my Daddy.

But for the most part I'm my Momma made over. :) Most everyone tells me I look just like her. I definitely act like her in a lot of ways! We both love a good chick flick and a good movie. We love fall weather and have the same taste in clothes for the most part. Our attitude and mannerisms are a lot alike. The older I get the more of my Momma I see in myself.

My parents are two terrific people. They have always stood behind me no matter what the dream was. They believed I could play piano, clarinet, softball, basketball, or any other activity I wanted to do. Without them, I would not be the woman I am today.

As far as siblings go I only have one, but he is a pretty good one. My baby brother is a 23 years old and single ladies! I pray every day for the wife God has for him. He is going to make a great husband some day. He is a sweet, but shy young man. At least he is shy at first. Once he warms up to you, you better watch out. he loves practical jokes! He is one of my favorite guys! I'm thankful that we are so close. I love him more than he know.

We've been told more than once we looked like twins. I used to hate this. I am four years older!!! Now I love to hear than we look like twins. :)

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  1. Good post! Good pics! I say you look like your Daddy. :)