Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Mini Getaway

Last Friday afternoon Andrew and I decided to attend a concert in a town two and half hours away. We knew we wouldn't feel like driving back after the concert so we book a hotel using points Andrew has from all his traveling. See...good things do come from not having a husband at home two weeks out of every month. :)

Saturday we slept in exhausted from the fair. We took our time about getting up and around. Once we were finally ready to go we loaded up the car and turned on the radio so we wouldn't miss the game.

Oh I'm glad we listened and didn't watch our Hogs. I don't think I could have taken it.

We arrived in Harrison in time to check into the hotel before going out for dinner and the concert.

As we were leaving I had my head down and walking pretty fast out of the hotel. I almost ran into this guy who was unloading his vehicle. I apolagized and jsut kept walking. I heard him and Andrew exchange a few words. When we got in the car I asked who it was. Andrew just looks at me like I'm crazy and informs that it was the lead singer of Sanctus Real. Oops!

At the concert we had VIP tickets which guarenteed us seas in the front row and backstage passes. We were front and center. I'm not sure I've ever been been that close to a stage while I was in my seat. Crazy kind of close.

Right before the show they called us back and we got to meet the bands. We had our picture taken with The After and Sanctus Real. Leeland had to head out before we got to them. All nice guys!!!

I really enjoyed The Afters. I love their new song Light Up the Sky. If you haven't heard you should check it out.

Leeland was good too, but very intense. The lead singer did more preaching than singing, which was totally fine, but it was kind of weird. It's hard to explain. He is just very intense and comes off looking mad.

Sanctus Real was AWESOME!! This was the second time we've seen them. Amazing show. At one point we were taking pictures and Matt, the lead singer, looked at Andrew and said, "Let me help you out with that." He then took our camera and took pictures of all the band members while they were playing. So...the following pictures are taken by the lead singer of Sanctus Real.

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