Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Home Sweet Home

After six fun-filled days in sunny California, I'm home.  I didn't think I would ever be happy to see my STANKY apartment, but I was yesterday.  I traveled with 30 7th-9th graders and we had the red-eye flight home Monday night/Tuesday morning.

It was a blast.  When I ask the students what their favorite part was, most say they can't choose.  I know the feeling.

We saw the Golden Gate Bridge, the Tanner Family's house (Full House), Giants' Stadium, Alcatraz, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Venice Beach, and even (window) shopped on Rodeo Drive.

Yes, we did see someone famous.  I saw Jane & Peter Fonda.  Jane was getting her hand prints done at the Chinese Theater and was there for the premier party.

We looked for others, but didn't see anyone else.  A few students claim they saw Ashley Olsen at the airport.

I think we were all so determined to see someone famous, that everyone looked famous to us.  We had lunch at the Farmer's Market one day.  I'm not sure Traci and I said five words to each other the entire two hours we were there.  We were so busy people watching and hoping to see a celebrity.

Memories were definitely made.  Our students had a blast and learned a lot.  I will always cherish the time I was able to spend with them getting to know each one a little better.

My favorite moment of the trip though was Sunday night.  One of the students who went to DC last year requested that we pray like we did on that trip.  So Sunday night before curfew I prayed with several students right there by the elevator.  I love those kids!  I love that they have a heart for God and want to take time out of a busy fun-filled trip to thank Him for safe travels and the fun memories.

It was hard to return to the classroom today, but all the I missed yous made it a little easier.

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