Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Our Home Study Party Two

Last Tuesday we had the second part of our final home study.  

We let her meet the Lbs this time. After all they are part of our family.    We weren't two minutes into the meeting when she decided they were spoiled rotten.  We couldn't deny the fact.

Andrew and I sat down in different rooms to fill out a questionnaire that was 4 or 5 pages long.

Will the paper work ever end?

These questions were a little more personal than those she asked us in the first meeting.

I found this sample of the questionnaire online if you are interested in knowing what type of questions we were answering.

After we both finished answering these questions the three of sat down together to go over our answers.

We also gave her a quick tour of the house.

It really was pretty simple.

I can't believe it was our last step.

This process has felt incredibly long and really fast all at the same time.

Now we just wait for her to write up our home study so that we can be put into the system.  

Once we are in the system we will be an open home, meaning we can be matched with a sibling group.  We can either wait on the database to match us and for someone to call us or we can call about a sibling group.

We plan to call about a sibling group as soon as we are open.  

In just a few short months we could be meeting our children for the first time.

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