Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Waiting


That could easily be the definition of infertility.

Waiting for your turn.  Waiting on the day you finally see a positive test.

That's the big wait.

But there is waiting within the waiting.

Sometimes it feels like life is divided up into chunks of two week waiting periods.

Waiting on your cycle.

And then approximately two weeks of waiting on ovulation.

Then the two week wait starts over as you wait to see if this is the month.  

And if all that waiting isn't enough there's the waiting in the doctor's office.

The waiting room at fertility clinics should offer frequent flyer miles.

Let you earn some points that might help pay for all the doctor's visits.

My devotional reminded me this morning that God knew that I would be in this time of waiting long before I was ever born.  He knew the waiting would make me feel weary at times.

And so before I was born, before I ever knew I would experience this waiting, he gave me stories of encouragement in His word.  Stories of Hannah and Sarah and Elizabeth.

I'm thankful God knew.  

I'm thankful He does not leave me to wait alone.

He is right there with me in the big wait and all the little waits.

And friend, He is with you.  He has not left you to journey through life alone. 

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  1. Beautifully said...God Bless You!

    Love, From Wisconsin...been down that road...adopted a beautiful baby girl 28 years ago!