Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Death by Exercise A.K.A. Zumba

The gym where the husband and I are members quit having my cardio dance class back in February. :( I have really missed it. I've done the treadmill a couple of times since then, but I just don't enjoy it as much.

They have started having Zumba classes. It is $5 at the door with no commitment. They have Zumba Dance on Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings and Zumba Toning (with weights) on Monday nights.

I decided to go tonight. Lately I've been feeling the need to workout and get into shape. I sent my friend Amanda a text and invited her. To be honest, I didn't think she would join me. I was both shocked and thrilled when I got a text back saying she wanted to join me.

Let me just tell you....that was a workout. I am not a sweater. And I'm not just saying that because I'm a girl and its not lady like. I'm really not. But when we finished tonight, I was soaking wet with sweat. So Gross!!! I came home and immediately weighed myself, certain that I had lost 5 lbs in sweat. Seriously.

It was a lot of fun though. I'm going back next Wednesday night. I don't think I'm ready for doing this with weights yet. I'll build up to that.

Our instructor reminded me of Pauly Shore in Son-in-Law. She was funny. And man can she shake her booty. That's a big part of Zumba - being able to shake your booty. I will be practicing in the bathroom mirrow when the husband isn't around. :) If you know how to shake your booty and walk forward in a salsa like motion, I'm open to pointers.

I'm exhausted. My right foot hurts. That bunionectomy is still a little sensitive. But I had a blast. The hour went by fast and I'm glad. I was plumb wore out by the end. I lost what little coordination I had to begin with.

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