Sunday, February 12, 2012

Life As We Know It

I'm still here. It's hard to believe I haven't posted since the first day of the month. Here it is already the 12th.

I wish I had something magnificent to blog about, but I honestly don't. I've just been going through life.

The husband just got home from a 2.5 week business trip. YUCK! He did get to come home last weekend so I got to see him for a couple of days during that time.

With him being out of town, I've been a pretty boring person. Not that I'm all that exciting when he is around.

My days have consisted of going to work, coming home to enjoy a hot bath and a good book, and then going to bed.

Sadly my biggest accomplishment from the past few weeks is becoming addicted to yet another TV show. Have you seen Big Bang Theory? Oh my! It makes me laugh so hard. Definitely a new favorite.

Today we have just stayed in bed all day watching TV and enjoying being in the same room again. I miss my man while he's gone!

I have a pretty busy week coming up. Tutoring after school, professional development workshop, parent-teacher conferences, and a meeting with parents about an upcoming trip to D.C. I'm sure there is more, but those are the things that stick out. Thankfully it will all be followed by a four day weekend. YAY!

There's a chance we may get some snow tonight or tomorrow. I have mixed emotions. I LOVE snow!!! And part of me wouldn't mind ONE snow day. I don't want more than one though. I want to be out of school before Memorial Day. But another part of me thinks we've made it this far without one. Let's just skip the snow and start summer a little earlier. Tomorrow is my busiest day of the week and I honestly wouldn't mind have another lazy day. We'll see.

That's it. Just my boring life that's been going on. Maybe something big and exciting will happen soon. You never know. :)

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