Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hunger Games

Unless you are living under a rock, I'm sure you have seen, read, or at least heard of Hunger Games. It is a 3 book series by Suzanne Collins.

My students talked about it all last year, but I guess I never really paid that much attention. This year I decided that not only did I want to read the books that I enjoy and am naturally drawn to, but that I would read books that my students were interested in. I may be their math and science teacher, but I love nothing more than sitting down and talking books with my students. I could sit and do that all day and they have learned that. :)

First on my list this year of books my students were interested in was the Hunger Games series. I read the first page or two and thought to myself, I'm not going to like this. Boy was I wrong. They are awesome books. I loved every word of each one. It was very easy to see why they are so popular among my students and everyone else.

Before I had finished the first book, I bought the series for my brother and started planning our movie date.

We have been planning and waiting for March 23 for months it seems. He loved the books as much as I thought he would.

They are real page turners. You can't put them down.

I bought our tickets a couple of weeks ago. I was not going to risk waiting until the last minute to buy them.

The original plan was that I would be going with my brother, his girlfriend, her sister, our cousin, and his wife. Unfortunately our cousin and his wife were not able to come. Luckily though, my friend Laura and her friend Jenna were able to join us. I was happy to share our tickets with them.

We got to the theater about 45 minutes before the show started and the line was already wrapped all the way through the theater and back outside around the building. This theater has 18 screens that hold 435 people each. It's no small theater. We were in awe. I've never witnessed anything like this with a movie. There has never been a movie that I needed to see on opening day until this one.

Here we are waiting in line.

We realized right away that the chances of all 6 of us sitting together were pretty slim. Laura and Jenna went up and found two seats together while the other 4 of us sat in the 2nd row. Seth decided to go up and see if he could find us 4 seats together. He scored and we moved up to the very top. Much better than the very bottom.

The movie was excellent! I loved it! It was true to the book which was nice. That's all I'll say because I don't want to give anything away.

Seth and I so excited for the movie to start.

By the way...I cut my hair and highlighted it. What do you think?

May the odds be ever in your favor.

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  1. We are going to see it next weekend. I cant wait!