Thursday, March 1, 2012

Walk This Way

Winter? Are you sure it's still winter? Though my calendar says spring doesn't arrive for another for another 2.5 weeks, Mother Nature seems to disagree. It has been absolutely beautiful outside. Thursday I even took my last class of the day outside to do their work. It was entirely too beautiful outside to be cooped up inside the classroom.

We've been talking about walking the dogs lately. They need the exercise, especially Liam Bailey. Boy is chunky! It was the perfect time to start with weather like this.

I never walk them at the same time by myself. It is too hard. They are not trained to walk "properly" on a leash.

Liam Bailey was first. He was very excited! That boy loves to go. And oh he is such a boy. He has to stop and sniff every mailbox in the neighboor hood. I'm not exaggerating. EVERY MAILBOX!!

A few stops signs needed to be sniffed as well.

After he thouroughly sniffs them, he of course has to mark them so that everyone knows he's been there. He then takes on step and starts kicking his hind legs trying to cover up his marking. It cracks me up!! We do this for every mailbox. Needless to say, it takes some time to walk Liam Bailey.
On our walk, he met some friends.

We think someone dropped off this St. Bernard in our neighborhood. Makes me sick to think someone would do that. She is such a pretty dog. She's a little skittish around humans, but she sure did like Liam Bailey. He was not a fan of her though. He just wanted to keep on walking.

A few houses down we met this little guy. Actually I didn't check to see if it was a little guy or a little girl. Liam liked him though. They went in circles sniffing each other until I pulled Liam away. They played and walked together until we got back to our house.

I left Liam at home and headed out with Liberty. Liam was not happy about that. I could hear him crying inside the house as we walked down the street.

Walking Liberty is night and day compared to walking Liam. She is a headstrong leader. You can't walk fast enough to suit her. Honestly, it's more like her walking me than me walking her. I have to run to keep up with and I can't do that very long. She is all business. No time to stop for anything.
She did manage to stop long enough for a picture.

She didn't mind the St. Bernard. She wasn't real interested in her, but Lib didn't mind her sniffing. We let them get aquainted for a few minutes before walking on.

They both love to go on walks. Makes me feel guilty that we don't do it more often. it's really nice when all four of walk. Andrew and Liberty run ahead while Liam Bailey and I take our sweet little time.

They are my perfect little family. :)

And so I walk in the Lord's presence as I live here on earth!

Psalm 116:9

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