Friday, November 16, 2012

Catch Up

Lots has been going on in the Weaver house lately.  The holidays are quickly approaching and life has been appropriately busy.  I wanted to post a brief overview so that years from now I would have some sort of record of these days.

*A couple of weeks ago I had laryngitis for about a week.  I was completely mute for three days.  It was a very quiet three days.  I ended up taking off work for most of the week because it is a pretty big challenge to teach 7th grade when you can't talk. HA!  I found that when you whisper, people tend to whisper back.

*We sold my little Honda Accord.  I had been driving the accord for eight years - longer than all my other cars combined.  It has been such a good car, but I was ready for something new.  It all happened pretty fast.  We listed it online Saturday morning and within five minutes the husband's phone was blowing up with calls from people wanting to see it. By Sunday afternoon the Accord was sold and gone.  It was bittersweet.

*Selling the accord meant I had no car so we had to do something pretty quick.  I test drove a Mercedes GLK 350 and LOVED it.  The one I drove, which was the only one local, sold before we had the chance to buy it.  Andrew got online and started searching.  We found one in Chicago that we really liked.  Andrew made arrangements and headed to Illinois to pick up my new car.  Is my husband not the best?

I absolutely LOVE my new car.  My favorite feature....Definitely seat warmers.

*Lincoln Baxter had surgery today.  Little guy had to get fixed.  Needless to say, he is pretty calm and sleepy tonight.  Liberty went from being perfectly fine to hopping around on only three legs.  We have no idea what is wrong with her back leg.  She was fine, laid down, got up and wouldn't put it down.  Crazy!  Hopefully it isn't anything major.

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