Friday, November 23, 2012

It's The Holiday Season

I'm beginning to think I'm one of the few if not the only person who doesn't put Christmas decor up before Thanksgiving.

I start listening to Christmas music two weeks before Halloween, but I don't do any decorating of any kind until after Thanksgiving.

I like to blame this on the husband, but truth be told I like waiting until after Thanksgiving.  It's tradition.

A few weeks okay Living Social had a deal for Garvan Garden Light Festival in Hot Springs.  I tricked the husband into buying tickets for us to go.  I say tricked because I may have failed to tell him that we had to use the tickets before Thanksgiving.  I knew he'd never go for that.  I broke it to him last weekend that we had to hurry up and use them.

So Tuesday night once he got home from work we headed to Hot Springs.  It was the perfect weather to be outside at night - not too cold.  But it was also weird looking at Christmas lights BEFORE Thanksgiving in WARM weather.

Either way it was a fun little date night.

Wednesday was day one of our Thanksgiving celebrations.  We headed to Osceola to feast with Andrew's fam.  That always means lots of people, lots of food, and lots of laughter.

I attempted to make chicken and dumplings for the meal.  I'm not sure if anyone ate them or not.  Personally I thought they were DISGUSTING!  I found a recipe on pinterest that seemed fast and easy.  I knew they wouldn't be like my grandmother's, but I didn't think they would be so gross.

Thankfully my dessert was a success.  Easy and yummy!  Peanut Butter between two Ritz crackers covered in white chocolate.  Oh so yummy!

Despite the fact that I took my camera with me to all of our celebrations, I didn't take but a few pictures...none really worth sharing.

Andrew's mom gave me a sewing lesson while we there.  I am making some homemade Christmas gifts this year that require a bit of sewing.  Nothing major, but more than I was having luck with.

I am thankful for those few minutes with her and her sewing wisdom.  Now I just need to try out what I learned.

Thursday morning we got up and headed to Batesville for Day 2 of Thanksgiving - this time with my family.  Unfortunately my daddy had to work.  Andrew and I decided to stop by and say hi.  I wanted to show him the new car and surprise him with his Christmas present.  We are taking him to a Razorback Basketball game.  We had to go ahead and tell him so that he could make arrangements to be off work.

Daddy always cooks and carves the turkey each year.  Since he had to work this year that meant someone else had to step up.

I talked my brother into making the turkey.  I think he was a little nervous about it since he had never cooked one before.  Props to the little brother.  That turkey was yummy!!

Andrew carved the turkey for us.   A first for him as well.  I think he did a fine job.  Can you really screw this up?  I don't know.  I've never tried it, but I think as long as you ended up with pieces of turkey the endeavor was successful.

We got home around 8:30 Thursday night and went to straight to bed.  We were a tired couple.  Because of that I was wide awake this morning at 7:00 AM.  I decided to go ahead and get dressed and hit some Black Friday sales.  It's the way I always do it.  Still early enough to get the door buster sales but late enough that all the crazy people are back home and in bed.

NOTHING is worth fighting over or standing in line all morning.

My main reason for getting out was to find some bar stools for my grandmother for Christmas.  I didn't have any luck, but I did find some other great deals.

I bought Seasons 2-5 of Big Bang Theory.  Yay!  LOVE that show!  I also scored a new pair of boots that I had been wanting for $20.

I also managed to pick up a few Christmas presents.

Andrew and I have spent the evening enjoying pizza and football.  I really want to be getting ready to pull the Christmas decor out of the attic, but that may have to wait until tomorrow.  I'm enjoying this lazy time with my man right now.

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