Sunday, February 15, 2015

Life Lately

This past week has been filled with lots of little moments than I want to record for our own memories.  It's been a good week.

We are getting ready to build The Barn which will serve as storage, a shop for Andrew's tools, and his new home office.  To prepare for the construction of this monstrosity we had a few trees removed from our backyard.

The fence on the left is going to be even with one side of The Barn so yesterday we took advantage of the AMAZING weather and moved the fence out.  This will allow the LBs to still enjoy their backyard during construction.

Andrew's mom sings with Arkansas Master Singers.  They had a concert in our town last week which allowed us to hear them perform and spend some time with Andrew's dad.  It was such a blessing to attend their concert.  God has gifted them with some amazing talents.

I received a gift basket I won through a blog giveaway.  It contained a children's book about adoption, a stuffed gorilla, a toy train, some candy, and an Amazon gift card.  I've already bought a few books with that gift card.  Do you have any recommendations for must read books?

Thursday we had our class Valentine's Party at school.  I made my class pancakes for breakfast and then gave them what I think might have been the perfect Valentine for 6th graders.  Though I may have forgotten that my neighbor can hear everything that goes on in my classroom.  Pretty sure I owe her lunch or something.

School dismissed early for Parent/Teacher conferences Thursday.  I dare say that those were some of the best conferences I've had in all of my years of teaching.  My students have come so far this year.  They have improved not only academically but behaviorally.  I even teared up during one conference because I am just so stinkin' proud of my kiddos.  

Thanks to those conferences and President's Day, I'm currently enjoying a 4 day weekend.  We were out on Friday and are out again tomorrow.

A winter storm is supposedly going to show up tonight so I may be enjoying an even longer break.  We shall see.  It's crazy to be preparing for bad weather when it was 70 degrees yesterday.

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