Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas 2015 Part One

Our Christmas celebration began on Wednesday.  Mom, Dad, Mommom, Seth, Melissa, Mikey and Ellie all came to our house for a traditional meal.

Ham, chicken and dumplings, dressing, and rolls.


After dinner it was time to exchange gifts.

These two were excited.  

Okay so they were really just excited about the paper and boxes.

But we sure were excited for them.

Y'all this baby boy LOVES the camera.  As soon as he sees me pull it out he is all smiles.

After presents it was time to put on our Christmas PJs.

I was so excited to give them their first red wagon for Christmas.  We had to break it in with a trip around Aunt E's house.

Ignore the trashcan in the background.  Yuck!

Thursday brought more family.  My aunts, uncles, and cousins joined us for lunch and more presents.

All too soon everyone began to head home.  

Everyone except Mom, Dad, and Mommom.  They were spending another night with us.

My favorite part of the day came after presents.

Talking with my Daddy about his childhood Christmases, listening to stories of him and his siblings tying their toes together on Christmas Eve, convincing cousins to sled down the stairs, and lots of other mischievous adventures.

It was a moment I will never forget.

I love that my parents spend the night with us on Christmas Eve and are there on Christmas morning.   
I may be 32 but there is still nothing like spending Christmas morning with them

Mommom helped me make chicken and dumplings to take to Andrew's parent's house.  And by help I pretty much mean she made them for me.  That Mommom is a take charge kind of woman.  I learned a few things but I don't think I'm ready to fly solo yet.

Part Two coming soon.

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