Monday, January 4, 2016

The Grooming Anniversary

The 25th wedding anniversary is the silver anniversary.

The 50th wedding anniversary is the gold anniversary.

Andrew and I aren't quite there yet.

We are on anniversary number 12 which just happens to be the grooming anniversary.

Or at least that's how we celebrated.

A few weeks ago I told Andrew I wanted to go get mani/pedis together for our anniversary.  I have been prolonging a much needed manicure just waiting for this day.

We decided to celebrate on Saturday, the day before our anniversary.  

We started the day with a quick bite to eat.

I had never eaten here before and I must say it was DELICIOUS!  Unfortunately it really was a QUICK meal because we had to be at a hair appointment for Andrew.

He decided to try a new salon.

It was the cutest salon.  Made me want to get my hair cut and I just got it cut the week of Christmas.  I'm seriously considering bangs.  I want them even though I feel like I won't like them.  Andrew is not a fan of this idea.

After a haircut we went and roamed around the mall for a bit before heading to our appointments for mani/pedis.

This was a first for Andrew.  I think he really enjoyed it.

Maybe I can convince him to go with me again sometime.   

It was getting dark when we finished at the nail salon.  We decided to drive around and look at houses before it got too dark.  We have always loved driving around looking at homes.  

Then we started to get hungry.

We ate at Damgoode Pies.

It is one of my favorite pizza places.

So yummy!

I never have dessert but I could not resist this peanut butter pie.

To Die For!!

We ended our date with a little shopping.  We went to Ulta, Sally's, Target, and Barnes and Noble.

It was the grooming anniversary.  

Lots of new hair products, skin care, and make up was purchased.

I added two new lip sticks to my every growing collection.

Excited about that!

It was a fun day with my sweetheart.  

Twelve years have flown by and I can't wait for the next twelve and the next twelve and the next twelve....

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