Saturday, January 30, 2016

Life Lately

A couple of weeks ago we took our yearly visit to the see the trumpeter swans.  We love these mouthy birds.  This year my parents joined us for the fun. 

Last week we got a little bit of snow and a little bit of ice that resulted in me only have to work on Tuesday. 

 I enjoyed every day of sleeping in, wearing PJs all day, and reading good books.  Warm bubble baths were also a necessary part of snow days.

Lincoln Baxter didn't feel the same way about those warm baths as I did.

Giant cups of hot chocolate make for good snow days.

At one point I got motivated and decided to clean out one of the upstairs closets.

I pulled everything out and then pretty much lost all motivation.  I did manage to get a few things sorted and either thrown away or put back in the closet.

But that bedroom pretty much still looks like this.

This week I decided to get an ear infection.


Ear pain is not any fun.  Not too mention I can't hear and feel like I'm in a tunnel.  I went to the doctor Thursday and he prescribed some meds.  Hopefully this will be over soon. 

On a happier note I get to have dinner with lots of family tonight.  BBQ nachos.  YUM!

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