Monday, February 1, 2016

Reading Goals

A few years ago I set a goal for myself to read 52 books within the year.  I was teaching 7th grade English at the time and was reading lots of young adult novels which made it fairly easy to meet and surpass my goal.  

For one reason or another it seemed like I read less and less books each year after that which makes me sad.  I have always loved to read, but lately it seems I tend to pick up my phone rather than a good book.  

This year I decided to see if I could meet that goal again.  

52 books in a year.

A book a week.

Thanks to snow days and sick days I am off to a great start.

I have finished 6 books so far.

I am keeping track of my books with Good Reads.  I have tried to use this website once before but didn't really see much purpose in it.  I'm still not sure I see all the benefits of it, but I'm trying it again.  I don't write reviews for the books that I read so I'm mainly using it to keep track of my books.  

I'm currently trying to read through all the books that are sitting upstairs on a bookshelf.  I have books that I've had for several years and have never read.  It is time to remedy that.

One of those books is Alibis in Arkansas.

I bought this book probably five years ago.  I found it on a clearance rack for $5 and bought it for no other reason that the setting is Arkansas.  I read it over the weekend and really enjoyed it.  Well worth the $5 I spent all those years ago.

Christian novels are my comfort zone.  

This year I want to read more nonfiction...biographies, parenting books, teaching books.

I hope to read at least one nonfiction book each month.  

In January I read It's Not What you Think by Jefferson Bethke

and The Connected Child by Dr. Karyn Purvis

Neither one of these were 5 star books in my opinion so I'm hoping February will bring a great nonfiction read.

Any suggestions?

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