Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Home Sweet Home

Three years ago today Andrew and I closed on our house and moved in.

I remember when Andrew sent me a link to our house on realtor.

We had been looking at houses for awhile and I was beginning to think we would never find the perfect home for us.

Everything in our price range was built in the 70s and the decor still showcased that fact.

My initial reaction to our house was "Absolutely not!"

Andrew has more vision when it comes to stuff like this.  He convinced me to go see the house in person.  He was certain I would change my mind.

He was right.

The day we walked into our home for the first time, I knew it was going to be our home.

I walked in and it just felt like home.

I envisioned the house being filled with our family and friends.

After that first walk through Andrew knew he needed to be ready to buy this house for me. :)

The day we closed was an exciting day.

Move in day was the quite the adventure.  Our narrow staircase inspired some creativity as Andrew, Cody, and PB figured out how to carry things upstairs.

Our three years in this home have brought lots of memories.

We've hosted Weaver Thanksgiving each year we've been in this home.

We've hosted my family for Christmas.

We've hosted three Americana Porch Parties.

This past year we hosted our first Masters Watch Porch Party.

We've even hosted a wedding on our porch.

We've lived life in this house for the past three years and with that have come lots of highs and a few lows.

This house has been home.