Sunday, November 27, 2016

Our 2016 Christmas Tree Adventure

Today was the day.

We were going to pick out the perfect Christmas tree for our family.

We ate our lunch and got ready to go to the tree farm.  

We hopped in Old Henry and tired to fire him up.

Old Henry was showing his age though and didn't want to start.

I pulled the Caddy around and jumped the truck.

I returned the Caddy to its parking spot, walked back to the truck and hopped in.

The truck died again.

Caddy was pulled back to the truck and the truck was jumped again.

We made it to the front of the yard before the truck died again.

At this point Andrew decided the truck wasn't going to make it to the auto store.

He pulled the battery out.  

This was adventure in and of itself.

We finally got the battery out and made it to the auto store.

Back home and new batter installed

We FINALLY made it to the tree farm.

We searched and searched.

It was pretty cold out there.

We finally found the perfect tree.

We claimed our tree.

And then they came and cut it down for us.

We brought it home and put it in the stand.

It's a beauty...a tall beauty.

Lights and ornaments to come...

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