Sunday, February 12, 2017

Our First IUI

I'm not sure when I will actually post this, but I want to get down the events of the weekend and how I'm feeling.

So...we did our first IUI yesterday (January 29).

I'm still in shock that I'm writing that sentence.

It seems like we have been waiting forever to make it this far and all of a sudden we were there.

I got a positive surge on my ovulation test Saturday morning and called the doctor to let them know.

We were in the middle of dress shopping when the nurse called me back.

Shot at 9:00 that night.

IUI at 9:00 the following morning.


Cue all the emotions.

Excitement.  Fear.  Hope.  Nervous.

All the emotions.

We were already planning to spend the night with Andrew's mom and dad that evening.  Having given one shot, my mother-in-law had the most shot giving experience.  I am so glad she didn't mind to give me my trigger shot.

I wasn't expecting it to hurt, but I wasn't sure I could inject myself.

I didn't even feel it.  Now I think I could do it myself next time.

The IUI went very smooth.

No pain.

Easy as pie.

It felt like any other appointment we've had.

I kept having to tell myself that was it.

We did it.

The rest of the day was spent resting and attending the symphony.

The distractions were nice.

Fast forward to a week later...February 3.

I went in for blood work so they could check my progesterone.

Late that night I got the results.

My progesterone was 2.9 ng/ml.

That's very low.

I spoke with the nurse Monday afternoon and she confirmed my suspicions.

Progesterone being that low meant that I didn't ovulate when we thought.

I'm not sure why I got the positive surge if I didn't ovulate at that time.

Chances of this being a successful IUI were next to nothing.

I spent the next few days feeling sad and heartbroken.

I also felt dumb for believing this was going to work on the first try.

I wanted to call it quits and walk away.  Yet at the same time I felt impatient and ready to start my next cycle and try again

Infertility brings a huge range of emotions.

And now we're at today....test day.

I went ahead and took a test this morning even though my progesterone levels meant I wasn't pregnant.  I guess I was in denial.

The test confirmed that our first IUI was not successful.

I told myself from the beginning that I would be thankful just to complete an IUI.

And I am.  I am so thankful that we had the chance to do that.  I'm thankful that we know a little more about my cycle than we did before, allowing us to have a better game plan for next time.

We have an appointment next week to discuss a new treatment plan.

I'm not sure when next time will be.

Andrew will be traveling for work soon and we have some other things going on that need to take precedent right now.

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