Monday, February 27, 2017

Hope Ball 2017

What girl doesn't love the chance to get all glammed up to dance the night away with her Prince Charming?

The hubs and I received an invitation last month to attend the Hope Ball.  We went back and forth on whether or not we wanted to go.  Neither one of us would really say yes or no.  We finally said yes though neither of us were super excited about it.

Well...I was excited about the buying a fancy dress part.

And I definitely had fun trying on dress.

 (This one made me feel like Diane Keaton)

(If we go again...I will be wearing something bright like this)

But the rest?  

Didn't really seem like our thing.  In fact when my mom told me that her and my dad would be playing Bingo at a church event the night of the ball...that sounded like more fun to me.

But oh how I was wrong.

I started the day off getting a mani/pedi with my beautiful sister-in-law Krystal.  I just love her!

After the nails were done I ran a few errands before meeting back up with Krystal.  A sweet friend of hers, Chanda, did our hair and makeup for the event.  We didn't take a before picture, but let me just tell you she did an amazing job.  True artist!

I was obsessed!  I could have sat and stared in the mirror at those lashes all night.

We ran back home where our men waited on us and then it was off to the ball.

It was so much fun checking out every one's dresses as we stood in line to have our picture taken red carpet style.

Cedar Creek had ten seats.  I just love everyone we spent the evening with.  It's nice when your husband works with family and friends.

(One couple was already at the table when we snapped this pic)

It was such a fun night.

We ate good food, had fabulous conversation filled with laughter, and danced to some fun music.

It was a special night.

And not just for our own memories...

The ball was a fundraiser for The 20th Century Club's Lodge.

The lodge is a place where cancer patients along with their caregiver can stay during treatments at  no cost to them what so ever.

Through the Hope Ball they raised over $112,000.


If Cedar Creek sponsors a table next year, I look forward to getting all glammed up and going again.

Until favorite picture from the night...

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