Saturday, March 25, 2017

Why Are We Moving?

So about this move...

We love our little town.  We love our old house.  We love being close to the lake and spending time on our boat.

What we don't love is Andrew spending 2.5 hours in the car every day.

We don't love never eating dinner together.

We don't love those nights where he's getting home from work as I'm going to bed.

As you can imagine those things get old after awhile.

We've been talking about moving back to central Arkansas for a while now, but that talk became serious a few months ago.

We found a lot we loved and Andrew designed a house we loved.

We looked at buying a house instead of building. 

We talked about selling our current house...something that neither one of us really wanted to do.

I'm not good at talking through big decisions like this.  It takes me awhile to adjust to the idea of change and then once I adjust I'm set on that plan.  I struggle to discuss various ideas all at once.  I just want to scream at Andrew to pick something, pick a plan and I'll get on board. This of course is frustrating to him as he is the complete opposite.  He wants to thoroughly discuss every option and doesn't settle on one thing until he makes his decision.  

It's can be a very stressful least for me.

So I was much relieved when a decision had been made, when a plan had finally come together.

We will keep our current house.  This allows us to continue hosting porch parties - something we absolutely love - and it gives us a place to stay when we want a weekend on the lake.

We will be renting the adorable little house I shared in my last post.

It is less than 10 minutes from Andrew's office.  That little fact in and of itself makes it the perfect house.

I am applying and praying for a job closer to the new house.  If nothing comes up, I will take my turn at having the commute.  

I think we are both pretty excited about shortening his commute and having that time together.

Because we are keeping our current home and not moving everything we own this has been the easiest move ever so far.

It feels a little bit like we are getting to have our cake and eat it too.

And we aren't complaining about that!

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