Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Walmart Grocery Pickup

I'm never going in Wal-Mart again!

Yes I'm aware of the boldness of that statement.

I used Grocery Pickup today for the first time and it changed my life.

Seriously...it's the best thing ever.

I went online to walmart.com and added my items to my cart.  You can also do this with the Walmart Grocery app on your phone.  I've already started my second order with the app.

After you add all of your items to you cart you can click Check Out.  You will then be prompted to select a location and a time slot for pick up.

Notice the blue section in the picture below.  It automatically checks to allow substitutes.  This means if they are out of one of your items they will substitute a similar item.  I've not had anything substituted but I've read that if the do this they charge you the cheaper price of the two.

I placed my order early this morning and was able to pick it up this afternoon.  I had scheduled my order for 4:00 - 5:00.  Right before 4:00 when my order was ready I received an email letting me know that it was ready and I could check in.

I was in a meeting all day today so when I finished with my meeting I logged into the app and checked in.  Checking in is your way of telling them that you are on your way.  It tracks your route so that they know when you arrive at the store.  

I admit that's a little creepy.

However I didn't mind when at the exact moment I pulled into the parking spot two employees walked out the door with my groceries in hand.

Corey came to my window and greeted me with a goody bag.

He was super friendly and went over a few details with me while Brittany loaded the groceries into my trunk.  He came around and asked if I wanted my bread in the front so it didn't get smashed.

They were so friendly and it was the best experience.  They did all the work for me.  

I would have loved to tip them, but they cannot accept tips.

Inside my good bag was...

 A recipe book


I have a link for you to sign up.  You will receive $10 off your first order.  Yay!!  Just click here to sign up and receive $10 off.

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