Sunday, August 29, 2010

Birthday Fun

Today I am 27! That seems like such an adult age. But I don't feel any older. I have thought several times today that in three years, I will be thirty. THREE years. How in the world did I get here so quickly.

My birthday celebration started Friday night with a trip north to see my family and continued all the way until tonight as I had dinner with some of my favorite ladies. Pictures and details are coming soon I promise.

Not tonight though... I still have to do my homework so I can teach class tomorrow. :) I am looking forward to teaching next year. I will have all my power points made. Right now I make a power point, sometimes two, every night. Wears a girl out!

The husband had to leave this morning for work. I'm not fond of the fact that he had to leave on my birthday, but neither is he.


  1. Happy Birthday! And I LOVE making powerpoints! Takes me back to my college days. Ha!

    I never commented on your pregnancy post, but I have to say I agree that there are LOTS of people I know pregnant or having new babies. I love how honest you were and I agree that sometimes it is hard to surrender things but it is always rewarding to do what God says.

    Glad you had a good birthday but sorry your hubby had to miss it.

  2. Glad you had a great birthday!