Sunday, September 2, 2012

Life Lately

The last two weeks have been a crazy blur of busy.  School started, fundraisers began, and a new puppy entered our lives.

School has kept me busy with the planning and typical school stuff.  On top of that I've been attending football games, skate nights, and dances.  I have enjoyed each event, but they mean getting home later than normal which means getting to bed later than I like.

Last Saturday Andrew and I drove to Ozark to pick up our new sweet boy.

He is so small and cuddly.  We fell in love instantly.

As soon as we got home I took the little guy shopping for a collar and some chew toys.  He slept the entire time we were in the store.  I don't think we walked by a single person who didn't stop and and comment on how cute he was.

For the first couple of days, the poor little guy didn't have a name.  His original name was Logan.  Before we ever met him, we wanted to name him Lincoln.  He was so small though, that we didn't feel like he was a Lincoln.  So he went a few days with no name.  I finally came back around to Lincoln and then we spent another three or four days trying to find a middle name.

Our sweet boy is now Lincoln Baxter Weaver and we couldn't love him more.

He is already spoiled rotten.

Liberty was not too sure about this new guy at first.  She avoided him at all cost.  If he was on my left, she was on my right.  In the last few days she had decided she likes him.  They play so hard together.  It scares me because Liberty is so much bigger than he is.

Liberty Belle & Lincoln Baxter

I also celebrated a birthday last week.  29!  I cannot believe that 30 is only a year away.  I try not to think about it because it totally bums me out.

Andrew took me out for dinner and dessert.  I barely had the energy to go. I woke up sick.  No fun at all!  I have an awful head cold that I'm more than ready to get rid of.

I celebrated with my fam Friday night.  It was fun to get together and let them meet Lincoln.  Mommom made me dumplings.  YUM!!

We are enjoying a three day weekend and working on house training.  We are also working on learning to sleep in.  Lincoln like to get up at 4:30 in the morning.  

Andrew and I have gone back and forth on getting a second dog ever since Liam Bailey ran away.  We felt that Liberty needed a companion.  I think she missed Liam more than either one of us.  But we weren't real sure our hearts were ready.

I've called about a handful of puppies over the past few months and every time I would call I would hear "He's just been adopted."  Logan was the first puppy that was still available when I called.

I am so happy we decided to adopt him.  Our home feels "normal" again with two dogs.  He is no way a replacement for Liam Bailey, but a new bouncy playful crazy addition to our little family.

And I can't end my first post in September without saying WOO PIG SOOIE!!

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