Monday, February 18, 2013

Thoughts From A Weekend

Another weekend as come and gone.

Another weekend closer to living with my husband again.

Another weekend closer to saying goodbye to HG.

I had the luxury of a four day weekend thanks to parent-teacher conferences & President's Day.

Unfortunately I spent the better part of the weekend sick in bed. 

Fortunately my husband makes a pretty good nurse.  He took good care of me.

I missed my first Thirty-One meeting this weekend while I laid in bed suffering.

Yes, I'm being dramatic.

I took a turn for the better Sunday afternoon and the husband and I spent some time working on the boat.

I am so ready for warm weather.

I still hadn't created anything from Pinterest so I got to work last night.

My first attempt was a complete fail.  I tried making lemon cookies but as soon as I cracked the eggs and added them to the mix I realized they were expired.  Two Weeks Ago!  Oops.

Moving on to Project #2.  A cute girly t-shirt made from a men's shirt.

Here is a link to the instructions.

I started with a plain men's Hanes shirt from Wal-Mart.

Now I have a top that will be perfect for the boat this summer.

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