Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Canvas Give Away

Lately I have been getting several emails asking me to review different products.  I have no idea what I'm suddenly being bombarded with these request, but I could not have been more excited to receive one from Easy Canvas Prints.  

Photo on Canvas We have a long hallway in the new house where I want to do a photo gallery.  A 16x20 canvas is a great place to start.

Agreeing to review their product was the easy part.  The hard part was choosing a picture.

I have been unsure about using a photo of Andrew and me.  Seems a little strange to order a huge canvas of myself.  But we don't have any kids and I didn't want a huge canvas of our dogs.  They are my babies but I refuse to be that person. 

There is currently a beautiful painting of the house hanging inside our new home.  I would love to keep it, but the family will be taking it with them.  It gave me the idea of doing something similar.  That is part of the reason I chose to take pictures of downtown.  I thought about using one of those pictures from this post.  

I finally came back around to the idea of using a picture of Andrew & me.  After some facebook encouragement I decided to do it.

I chose one of my all time favorite photos.  It is from our Christmas card photo shoot back in 2007.  That was my favorite photo shoot EVER!  Uncle Kevin captured some great shots.  I remember just wanting to capture our love for one another in a photo.  It was a success.  Several of those pictures have become my favorites.

Including this one that is now a huge canvas print.

As if getting a free canvas for myself wasn't exciting enough I get to offer one of you a free canvas as well.

This company was great to work with.  They were very patient with me as I tried to decide what photo I wanted to use.  

Though I didn't choose to go this route, I was very excited to see that you can use an instagram photo.  How many of have a favorite picture on our phone that just doesn't print well?  
Easy Canvas Print can put it on a canvas for you.

 I cannot wait to hang my canvas in my new home.  And I cannot wait to give one of you a free canvas for your home.

The giveaway will run until September 10

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