Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Turning Thirty

Despite all the kicking and screaming and resistance it still happened.  

I turned thirty Friday.  

This has been a very hard birthday for me.

I never thought I would be thirty and still without kids.  I really believe that is why this birthday has been so hard for me.  

Andrew woke up early Friday morning to give me my birthday present before I left for work.  He bought me a cute red & black chevron dress that I had seen in a store window.  I commented that it would be a cute game day dress.  Unfortunately, it doesn't fit as well as I would have liked so I have to take it back.  Hoping to find one as equally as cute.

When I arrived at work I found a little surprise waiting for me on my desk.

My new coworkers really are wonderful.

My students found out it was my birthday and showered me with homemade cards all day.  They were too sweet.

Birthdays are so much fun with facebook.  I received birthday wishes all day long.  Makes a girl feel special.

After work Andrew and I drove to Little Rock for a birthday dinner and a little shopping.

Ten years ago on my 20th birthday Andrew asked me to marry him.  I'm so incredibly blessed to be his wife.  He loves me well.

Saturday my family came up for some lake time.  We swam, played lake basketball, ate some yummy burgers, and listened to the Hogs gain their first victory of the season.

I was too busy having fun to take a lot of pictures.

After a full day on the lake Andrew and I came home and crashed.

Yesterday we started the day at church and then came home and got ready to join his family for some more lake time.

Andrew's Uncle Kevin & Aunt Sandi were so kind to let us invade their lake house for the weekend.  Between yesterday and today we were able to see all of Andrew's brothers and sisters.

We love our family!

My sweet friend, Jennifer, not only brought stuff to make burgers and dogs but she also got me two delicious cakes.

I spent the night there last night while Andrew came home so that he could go golfing with the nephews this morning.

Uncle Kevin took us out on the ski boat for a little tubing this morning.  Nothing makes me smile bigger than hearing my sweet nieces say they want to tube with Aunt E.

So much fun!!

Believe it or not, it was my first time tubing.

After lunch we had fun playing in the cove.

It has been a long exhausting weekend - but a good exhausting.

I am so thankful for our families and the memories that we make while together.  It sure does make turning thirty a little easier.

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  1. Love you blog:) you have plenty of time fro babies and you will be the best mother in the world!!!! hugs and enjoy 30th, it is when you get more wisdom:))