Friday, July 4, 2014

Movie in the Park

Every summer movies are shown in the park at the River Market on Wednesday nights.  It's something I've always thought sounded fun but we hadn't ever done.

This past Wednesday night they showed Frozen.

When I saw that this was coming a few weeks ago I thought it would be fun to take our nieces.  Like every other little girl I know, they all LOVE the movie.  I immediately texted my sister-in-laws and started making plans.

Andrew immediately started looking into renting a 15 passenger van.  HA!  We weren't sure how we were going to transport 5 little girls.

Sadly our sweet Millie wasn't able to join us.

We picked up Joylyn and Kandace before the movie.

And Jill dropped Amelia and Sydney off at the park.

How cute is my husband carrying Sydney into the park?

She gave him an earful.  He wasn't sure what she was saying but every sentence started with "My momma told me..."  At one point she claimed her momma told her to eat the cookies.  LOL!

We brought CFA and enjoyed a picnic before the movie.

The girls also enjoyed some pre-movie coloring.

At one point I looked over and Andrew was laying on his stomach coloring with the girls.

I was about to snap a picture when one of the girls decided it was time for a trip to the bathroom.

This is where my plan might not have been as well thought out as I had thought.

One aunt.

Four nieces.

Bathroom trip.

They all quickly discovered how disgusting outdoor bathroom facilities can be.  Amelia checked three different stalls before realizing they were all just as nasty as the previous one and she was going to have to line the toilet with toilet paper.  Kandace refused to let go of her nose because the smell was too much for her.  And Sydney must have been pretty disgusted too because as soon as we got back to our blankets she got her backpack and asked for hand sanitizer.  LOL!!

The movie doesn't start playing until dark.  The girls were so good to keep themselves entertained for the most part.  They love spending time with each other.

Before the movie actually started they put it up on the screen to adjust settings.  They had it on the screen where you can choose to play the movie, choose subtitles, etc.  Sydney didn't understand why they weren't pushing play.  She was getting quite frustrated with them.  She kept saying "Why they not push play?  Just push play?"

And finally when the sun was completely gone they did just that.  They pushed play.

We had a pretty good spot on the grass, though I did overhear Amelia ask her Uncle Andrew why he didn't get us front row seats.

Sydney sat in my lap almost the entire time, which I absolutely LOVED.  I was seriously impressed when the movie started playing.  That little girl knows EVERY SINGLE WORD.  She was saying every word the characters were saying.

By the time the movie started the park was packed.  You couldn't walk anywhere without walking on blankets and stepping over people.  And as you can imagine every kid there sang along with every song throughout the movie.

About half way through the movie Sydney decided she needed to go the bathroom.  So she and I along with Kandace climbed over all the people to go the bathroom.  I decided to take a different route back to our seat and we spotted Anna and Elsa.

Two teenage girls were dressed up and were being so sweet to say hi to all the little girls and even smile for a few pictures.  Of course as soon as we got back that was the first thing out of Kandace's mouth.  She was so excited to have seen them.

By the time we got to the bathroom both Sydney & Kandace decided they didn't really have to use the restroom so it wasn't long before I was taking all four girls back to the bathroom.

I'm not sure if they needed to go to the bathroom or if they wanted to see Anna and Elsa.

They did both.

They even got to see Anna and Elsa "perform" as the two teenage girls sang along with a song in the movie.

We tried to take a picture with them but it was too dark and didn't turn out.

Uncle Andrew may have been sweet talked into buying sno-cones at 10:00 at night after Amelia spotted the sno-cone truck.

Sydney thought it was hilarious that I kept taking a bite of hers.  Poor girl didn't even realize she didn't get her own like the big girls did.

I think the girls had a good time.  They asked if we would bring them back the next time there was a movie in the park.  I know Andrew and I had a good time.

Such sweet memories.

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