Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Braces Update

I've had braces for a little over 100 days now.  It really is going quickly.  Most days I forget that I have them, but then there is the occasional day when they bother me all day.  Days when I just feel like I have a mouth full of metal and there is absolutely no room left.  

Dr. Lay has been very pleased with my progress.  I have fast moving teeth.  Praise the Lord for that!! Not going to lie, it makes me hopeful that I might not have to wear them for a full two years.  I feel like there are constantly new gaps forming as my teeth move.  Flossing gets easier and easier.  My gaps from the extractions are closing up which means less food gets stuck there.

Speaking of food, eating with braces is an experience in and of itself.  When out in public I try to eat my entire meal without speaking.  You just never know when you are going to have a huge piece of something stuck behind your wire.  It's disgusting.  The sounds Andrew and I make while trying to clean our teeth mid meal are so nasty.  I'm glad we are doing it together.  Certain foods are worse that others.  Bread and melted cheese are the worst.  And of course they are in or on all my favorite foods.  Andrew has pretty much stopped eating bread. He eats taco salad instead of tacos or hamburger patties instead of hamburgers.  I'm not willing to do that so if we sit down to a meal together and I don't speak,  I'm not being rude.  I'm just trying not to ruin your appetite.

This is our favorite teeth cleaning tool.

While my teeth are moving quickly and I'm making great process, Andrew's teeth are moving nice and slow.  I've been telling him that I would be out of braces before him.  He just has big strong teeth that are perfectly content where they are.  His last appointment was Monday and Dr. Lay strapped all his teeth together with power chain.  Doesn't look fun at all.

He also received his bottom retainer and slept in for the first time.  I asked how it was and he just said fine.  Apparently it's not a big deal.

All in all life with braces is going pretty well.


  1. So glad everything's going so well for both of you! I am like you, although bread loves to get stuck in every place it can in our braces, I still cannot do without it. We have given up so many of our favorite chewy and crunchy foods, cant give up bread too lol.

  2. Congratulations on the current progress, Elaina. It’s really possible for you to finish your braces journey sooner, if those teeth will continue adjusting at that pace. So it’s best to complete all your dental appointments so that your dentist can monitor your teeth’s condition. Anyway, I’m looking forward to reading more updates about your journey. Have a great day!

    Rudy Spencer @ London Bridge Dental Practice

  3. Luckily, there are so many great products these days that are designed to help people who currently have braces. Its much easier to keep your teeth clean and get food out from between your teeth and your braces than it once was. At least you are getting good news from your dentist and before you know it your braces will be off and you'll have a great smile!

    Maricela Gauthier @

  4. Good Job, with the braces progress!!