Monday, August 25, 2014

A Letter In Waiting: My Baby's Daddy

To my beautiful first born,

When I dream about you one of the things I look forward to the most is watching your daddy with you.  I know he is going to love you so much.  He already does.  He doesn't show it or talk about it like I do, but I know he dreams about meeting you just as much as I do.  

You are one lucky kid to have a daddy like him.  He will make you laugh harder than you ever thought possible.  Your daddy is constantly telling stories, making up songs, or cracking jokes.  His sense of humor is one of the things I love most about him and I have no doubt that you will love that about him too.  When you want to cry, Daddy will make you laugh.

You'll never be bored because you have a daddy who loves nothing more than to make up crazy games to play.  He and your cousins, Cody & Pryce, are always making up a new game to play.  They love a good competition.  Don't ever expect your daddy to let you win.  He won't do it.  He wants you to always give your very best and he wants you to learn to be a gracious loser.   

Not only is he funny and competitive, but your daddy is the smartest person I know.  He is going to teach you more than you can imagine.  He loves history and will drag you on many educational vacations.  But you'll enjoy them because he has a way of doing that.  His excitement for things is contagious.

Your daddy will teach you how to share the love of Christ with the people around you.  He will teach you how to serve others when he buys diapers for the single mom who doesn't have enough money or when he returns an elderly's person cart for them.  He will teach you to be thankful when he buys lunch for the soldier behind him in line.  I know because it is through these actions that he has taught me to share the love of Christ.  

Your daddy isn't perfect but he will love you with everything he has.  He will take care of you when you are sick.  He will cry with you when you are sad and hold your hand when you are afraid.  He will pray for you.  He will laugh with you.  

He will probably be your favorite person in the world.  I know he's mine.

I love you sweet baby of mine.



  1. Elaina, I have been following your blog a few months now. I am a member of Jay and Belinda's former church in Osceola. I just had to tell you this is the most precious post I've seen. I will be praying for you & Andrew as you await the child the Lord will give you. What a blessed child it shall be indeed to have you and Andrew as parents. ~Kellie

    1. Thank you so much Kellie. It is such a blessing to us to know that so many are praying along with us for our someday babies.