Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Family Vacation Part Two

I was visiting with my Mommom a couple of weeks before we left for the beach.  I was telling her all about our upcoming vacation and how much I was looking forward to it.  She brought up how blessed I am to have in-laws that are such loving people.  I couldn't agree with her more.  Ya'll I could not have picked a better, sweeter family to marry into if I tried.  They aren't in-laws, they are just family.  Andrew and I both loved every minute of our time on the beach with them.
I think it is a pretty special thing to have a family of this size.  We all love each other and love spending time together.  It's all a good time filled with laughter.

Mom & Big Man

Chris, Krystal, and Kandace

Jayna, Jessica, and Joylyn.  We missed Tony and Waylon.

Joy, Gerry, Tyler, Cody, and Pryce

Jill, Alex, Amelia, and Sydney
(They had professional photos taken so I don't have their portrait.)

Cary, Sara, Jackson, Millie, and Will

Andrew and me

This next one is easily my favorite picture from vacation. Andrew and I with all of our nieces and nephews except Waylon.  These kiddos bless my heart more than they could ever know.   Having this many awesome nieces and nephews has a way of easing the fact that there are no little ones in our photo.  

I can't wait to get it printed and framed.

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