Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Day in History

I love the Timehop app.  

It is an app that shares with you things that you posted on the different social media sites on this day one year ago or five years ago or however many years ago you posted.

One of the reasons I blog is because I love having our memories to go back through and to both  remember and see all the ways God has worked and is working in our lives.  

Timehop is a little snapshot of those memories.

One year ago today I sported a mustache to work for Red Ribbon Week.  I ended up drawing mustaches on almost every student in my homeroom that morning.

These two spent the day at the vet one year ago today.  Lincoln Baxter had eaten some rat poison that he found behind our washing machine.  We had only been in our new house for a little over a week and didn't know it was there.  Because we didn't know how much he ate or whether or not Liberty Belle had eaten any, they both had blood drawn.   Lincoln wouldn't cooperate with them when they were trying to draw blood so they ended having to prick two of his legs.  Andrew sent me pictures of them with their legs wrapped.  Broke this furbaby momma's heart.

Apparently I was already listening to Christmas music two years ago today because I posted the following status

"Every time I hear Sleigh Ride I'm instantly taken back to a band concert inside Newark Gym.  Yes I'm listening to Christmas music.  It is cold outside and it makes me happy."

Truth be told I've already listened to a few Christmas songs this year too.  

I also posted about trying to use my sewing machine two years.

"Trying to use my sewing machine.  Could really use my mother in law or my Mommom. #frustrating" 

That hasn't changed.  I still can't use my sewing machine.

 Another thing that hasn't changed is how I feel about my coworkers.  Four years ago I posted that I was "so thankful God has blessed me with some awesome coworkers."  I have different coworkers now than I did four years ago, but I'm still blessed daily by the people I work with.

And five years ago I was "getting ready for the doctor appointment." 

Why was I was going to the doctor?  

Because a few days earlier I had passed on the floor in Jill's hospital room.  She had just had Amelia and wasn't supposed to have any stressful activities due to her high blood pressure.  It was a crazy time.  This doctor's appointment was so they could check blood sugar levels and a few other things after I had gone without food for so many hours.

See?  Fun little snippets of our lives.

If you don't have this app, go grab it.  You'll love it.

What were you doing one year ago today?


  1. I need to get this ap! I always see people posting about it!