Sunday, October 5, 2014


I love October.  

It felt like fall this weekend and I could not have enjoyed it more.

I think I've blogged about these canvases before.  My sweet and incredibly talented S-I-L, Sara made them for all of us girls one year for Christmas.  There is one for each month.  I love switching them out at the beginning of each month.  Always makes me think about and stop and pray for Sara.

Yesterday I had my last Robotics workshop.  YAY!!  It was fun but I am glad that it is over.  It was held at a local college.  I enjoyed being on campus.  It made me want to go back to school.  Very few things make me happier than being a student with new school supplies and new classes.  I would be a full time student if Andrew would let me.  He always says something about not being able to afford it when I bring it up.

He played golf with the nephews while I was at the workshop.  Apparently they didn't play too well.

After naps we went to the Ozark Trail Festival that was happening down at the courthouse.  Lots of vendors selling all kinds of things and lots of food trucks.  We didn't stay long.  We didn't even enjoy the food trucks.

We bought mums and pumpkins for the front porch.  

We went to our favorite local pizza place where neither one of us ordered pizza.

We came home and watched some college football.

It was a nice day together.

I love my family.

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