Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Paying it Forward

My sweet sister-in-law celebrated her birthday this month and I was so excited to give her a "Mommy" necklace.

I found a cute little store on Etsy called PureImpressions and she created this beautiful necklace for Melissa.

A couple of days later I received  a message from her saying my money had been refunded.  My immediate thought was OH NO!  Melissa's birthday was right around the corner and I was afraid I would not have time to find a similar necklace and have it here on time.

As I read the message I began to smile so big.

She does this awesome thing where she picks a random winner every Monday and that person receives their order FREE.  

It's a random act of kindness that she does and she encourages the winner to pay it forward.

I think this is the neatest thing.

And now I want to pay it forward...

to you!

I'm giving away one amazing piece ($30 value) from PureImpressions.  

I will announce the winner one week from now.

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  1. This is awesome!

  2. I would love a stamped name necklace! ❤️
    What a great gift that you gave Melissa!

  3. So sweet of her and of you! My sister is pregnant with her first and id love to get her something like this. 😍

  4. I really like the necklaces and the bracelets where momma's can put their kids names - I've been eyeballing something like that lately! :) AND I LOVE that you were the recipient of her act of kindness :)

  5. I don't know how I am signed in as Lillie. That's weird.