Friday, October 30, 2015

Five on Friday


We have a winner.  Rachel Williams is the winner of my little give away.  Congrats Rachel.  Thank you all for entering.  It was so fun for me to do this giveaway.


My November Faithbox arrived today.  I am loving this gift from my Momma.  It's so fun to get a little present each month.


This week has been Red Ribbon week at school.  Every day has been a different dress up day.  Today was Favorite Book Character today and by far my favorite.  I decided to be Pippi Longstocking.  My students all loved my costume but had no clue who I was! They now know who Pippi is so I guess my job as an educator is done.


I bought myself a pair of duck boots this week and I could not be more excited about it.  Bring on the rain and snow so I can wear them.


I may or may not have been listening to Christmas music this week.  I can't help myself.  There's a good chance I'll watch a Christmas movie this weekend.  What is your favorite Christmas movie?


  1. Pretend it is Bethany when you see Lillie's name because I don't know how to change.