Monday, March 14, 2016

All the Countdowns

March Madness tournament starts in three days.

Y'all this is the only time of year I really watch college basketball but I LOVE it.  If you've been around since last March you know our family has a little bracket competition each year.  

The smack talking is a little intense, but oh so much fun.

I have two goals each year....don't come in dead last and beat Andrew.  

This year there will be a trophy so maybe I'll have three goals this year.

I'm taking it a step further this year and creating a little competition with some of my students.  I can totally make this a little math lesson right?

This is the last week before Spring Break.  

No big plans other than an orthodontist appoint, an eye doctor appoint, and sleeping in every day.

Oh and lots of cleaning and organizing.

Getting ready for a fun party.

Our Masters Watching/Joint Birthday Party.

We are going to celebrate Andrew's birthday along with our nephew Cody's birthdays.

The guys will play golf and then we will lunch and watch the Masters.

I'm having fun planning and learning about the Masters.

Andrew bought us tickets for Memphis in May.

I may be just a little excited to see Megan Trainor.

And last but not least the planner in me is looking forward to summer and days of workshops.  My mind is already thinking about next year and ideas I want to try and themes for my classroom. 

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