Sunday, March 13, 2016

Hey Y'all!

Hey y'all.

I'm Elaina, a thirty something wife and furbaby momma.

Welcome to my little blog space.

Andrew and I have been married for twelve years.

Andrew is the IT Director at a wholesale lumber company.  He enjoys golf, playing guitar, and of course hanging out with me.  LOL!

He's pretty much the smartest person I know and my very best friend.

Five years ago this month we made the big decision to have children.  

It has not been an easy road.

Two years ago we had testing done and were informed that we have unexplained infertility.

With that news we began the journey to adoption through foster care.

We brought a sibling group of 8 into our family last summer.  

Unfortunately that did not have the happy ending we hoped for.  

Now we are loving life and enjoying each other.

We love spending time together at home with our two furbabies.

This is Liberty Belle

And this is Lincoln Baxter

We also love spending time with our families and eating Mexican food.

We love to watch college football.

Woo Pig Sooie!

I love sharing our adventures with you.

Leave a comment and say hi.  I'm glad you stopped by the ol' blog.

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  1. I saw your link posted before mine in Kelly's link up! Nice to "meet" you! =) Will be praying for you two and God's leading in this journey to parenthood!