Friday, March 25, 2016

Five on Friday - All Things Girl

For some crazy reason I have decided to wait until my thirties to become a girly girl.  When I told my husband I wasn't sure why I waited this long he came back with "Because you couldn't afford it before now."


Being a girl is expensive!

Here are some girly things that I'm currently LOVING.


Last weekend I wore false lashes for the first time.  Now I'm OBSESSED!  The first day I did my makeup after wearing them, my eyes felt totally naked.  Of course someone else put them on that day and I haven't actually put them on myself yet.  I'm thinking Sunday will be a good time to try.


I bought my first pair of heels this week.  And of course I bought cute girly pink ones.  Who buys sensible black for their first pair of heels?  Not this girl!


I may have a lip gloss/lip stick addiction.  Lately it seems like I buy a new one every time I go to Wal-Mart or Ulta.  Most of them are pretty tame but I have a few bright ones.  I get a little braver every time I buy one.  


I've been watching hair and makeup tutorials on YouTube.  I could sit and watch forever.  This partial french braid and sock bun are simple, sure, but they are new to me.  I can actually do something with my hair other than a plain pony tail.


Okay....this last one isn't about being girly, but I got to see my babies this week and couldn't resist posting cute pics of them.

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