Tuesday, June 7, 2016

My Faith Closet

Children's books.

Those were easy for me to buy.

As a book worm and a teacher, buying books was well within my comfort zone.

Books were easy for me to justify in my head.

Believe me when I say our someday baby has more books than the children's section at the public library.

If my child doesn't love reading, you may very well find me in the corner, balled up in the fetal position, crying.

But clothes...

for a baby who wasn't even born...

who wasn't even conceived...

that was out of my comfort zone.

I was a bit embarrassed to be buying clothes for a child I didn't even have.

It took me a long while before I even let Andrew know what I had been doing.

I call it my faith closet.

And over the past five years it has grown.

It's not big.

But it a visual reminder of moments where I bought something believing with everything in me that some day there would be a baby to fill those clothes.

There have been times over the past few years when I've considered giving the clothes away or selling them.

But I haven't.

I've mustard up just enough faith to hang on to them.

Occasionally I pull them out, cry, and thank God for the baby that I know will someday wear them.

This razorback dress was the very first thing I added to my faith closet.

Our sweet baby also has a few HG shirts because at the time I never dreamed I would be teaching somewhere else.  I actually have this shirt as well.  Maybe we'll put on our matching HG gear and go to a football game sometime.

My high school mascot was a kangaroo so when I saw this sweet little outfit I had to have it.  The ruffles on the booty didn't hurt my decision.

This little onesie made me giggle.  If you know my husband you know the truth of this one.

I'm a sucker for baby gowns.  I'm pretty sure my child may wear nothing else until he or she can walk

I think, like most women, I've always dreamed of having a little girl.  Though I will say my nephews make me love the idea of being a boy mom.

But there is something about the idea of having a mini-me.

I've had my daughter's first name picked out for a long time.

And one day, I not only stepped out in faith of having a child, but in faith of having a daughter.

And I ordered her this little outfit for Christmas.

Those are a few of my favorite pieces from my faith closet

As Andrew and I move toward doing IUI, I can't help but think maybe next year there will be a sweet little babe in those clothes.

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