Monday, July 19, 2010

"How's the foot?"

I have been asked that question more times than I can count in the past few days. It amazes me the number of people who are praying for me and my foot. It has truly been a blessing and I absolutely appreciate every one's prayers and concern.

I have to tell you the past few days have not been easy. In fact, they have been down right hard. Everyone told me the third and fourth day after surgery would be the worst, but that hasn't been the case at all. The first few days after being back in a tennis shoe have been the worst.

Thursday I got a little crazy and acted like I was instantly healed just because I put a tennis shoe on my foot. I started the day early by going to Mardel for the Educator's Sale. I wasn't in there very long, but I was in there long enough. When I finished there I drove out to school to see how the new building was coming along.

I went home after that, but I didn't stay down very much at home. I was so caught up in trying to walk like a normal human being again. I have never thought so much about every step I'm taking. I felt like I was learning to walk all over again. I figured to master walking normal again I need to practice so I walked all over our house. Thursday night I was off to Bible Study which means I spent a huge part of my day in my tennis shoes walking around.

By the time I got home from Bible Study my right calf muscle was cramping like something fierce. It would not stop cramping and I finally just lost it. I was bawling! I mean absolutely sobbing. My leg hurt but I was crying more out of tiredness and frustration. Up until this point everything about my surgery has been so easy. Andrew would just laugh at me and my hysterics which would only cause me to cry more. He finally managed to get me calmed down enough so he could do my toe stretches.

Friday I was the same way. My leg was still cramping, my foot was ugly, and I was just ready for it to be all better again.

After no sleep Friday night and cramping all day Saturday, I finally made a trip to Wal-Mart for some icyhot. Let me just tell you I think I've become an icyhot addict. I might not smell so good these days, but my legs sure feels better.

I also bought a new pair of tennis shoes today. Andrew and I decided I needed some wide shoes. I had no idea how hard it was to find a pair of shoes in wide. Lady Foot Locker and Champs don't even carry wide sizes. How crazy is that!! It was a frustrating process. I started just trying on every wide pair of shoes in my size regardless of how ugly they were. It seemed like every pair I tried on had no cushion. I ended up with a pair of nikes that are very comfortable.

So I had a few rough days but things are starting to turn around. The foot is good and the leg is feeling a little better each day. I just have to remember it doesn't heal overnight. :)


  1. I'm glad your foot is getting better. And hooray for new shoes - I always get a little excited over new shoes (even sneakers)!

  2. I'm so glad it's getting better. Still praying though. :)

    We had the best time with everyone on Sunday night...happy you guys could come!

    Love you!

  3. Bless your heart. Glad you finally got the right shoes...praying you will have wisdom and patience as the Great Physician heals your foot and teaches You all He has planned for this experience. Love you!