Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mudbath & Tennis Shoes

I have never had a mudbath. Have you? I personally do not know what is so relaxing about laying in a tub of mud, but maybe that is because I've never experienced it.

Liam Bailey, however, has apparently really taken a liking to mudbaths. Monday the little guy had two normal baths. These followed the bath he got Sunday night. He looked like someone dipped him in brown paint. I tried to describe just how dirty he was to the husband. I had never seen him this dirty. He was absolutely FILTHY.

Last night when the husband and I got home from a Lowes & Wal-Mart run I opened the back door to let them in. Liberty came right in, but Liam didn't even come when I called for him. I hobbled around the house to look for him and I found him taking one of his glorious mudbaths. He had squeezed himself between the air conditioner unit and the house. I guess it nice and cool there.

He was again covered in mud.

I don't think this picture does the filth justice. HA!!

As soon as the husband put him in the water, it instantly turned brown.

He obviously like mudbaths. Maybe I should give them a try.

Now on to the tennis shoes. I'm officially back in them as of today. I had my 4th post-op visit this morning.

It started off just like the last three visits with x-rays and cleaning the foot. After that things got least for me.

The assistant was to show me how to do my toe exercises. These are to help me with range of motion and to keep my big toe from turning up.

He grabbed my toe just above my scare with one hand and the my foot just below my scar with the other hand. He holds the bone still in my foot and then bends my toe forward and holds it for 10 seconds. I instantly felt sick. I really hoped that was it, but no such luck. He then did the same thing but this time he bent my toe back.

It hurt so bad! It felt like if had pushed my toe even just a little more, it would have popped off. He and Drew both said I was turning green.

After he showed me my exercises, I was to put my tennis shoe on. I got my sock on no problem, but the tennis shoe was a different story. It hurts my big toe. I ended up having Drew put my shoe on for me. I just couldn't inflict that my pain on myself.

I had to sit there a few minutes before I could try to stand up. I really believe that if I had been standing I would have passed out. I got very hot very quickly and was feeling like I was going to throw up. Not good. I felt bad for not handling all this better. I knew I was being ridiculous, but I couldn't help it.

I finally hobbled out of there still on my heel only. I was scared to try to walk any other way. The husband brought me home and put me to bed. He offered me everything under the sun before he left for work. He wanted to make sure I was comfortable. Before he left, he told me I did good today. I instantly started crying. Here I was feeling like a big baby and feeling guilty because of it and he was telling me I did good.

He is the ABSOLUTE BEST!! I'm so thankful that he took off work this morning to go with me. God knew how much I was going to need him this morning.

Since being home I've taken my shoe off and put it back on all by myself. I'm put a little more weight on it and walked a little more normal. I know it is just going to take time and practice. Right now it is propped up and iced down. Because it isn't tightly wrapped anymore, swelling is to be expected. We're trying to keep that to a minimum.


  1. Hey Elaina Ann.. its Karen from
    That is a cute story... I had a completely different kinda story with my dog...we have a gold lab,,and we were sitting out on the back porch and we hear a splash.. it was our lab..kept purposely dropping his tennis ball in the he would have a reason to jump in the pool..
    Well have a good weekend..
    Stop by and see me at my blog again....

  2. Maybe your babies need a pool, to stay cool in this heat. It might keep him out of the mud - :) Hope your foot is improving each day!

  3. Oh my goodness...this reminds me of when they took my cast off...the pain. I'm so sorry...I'm glad Drew went with you too!

    Love you!