Monday, July 5, 2010

Admiring My Man

A few weeks ago I stumbled across Courtney's blog Women Living Well. It has since then become one of my favorite blogs. She is a godly woman who gives insight to a variety of subjects that women face in life. When I first found her blog, I spent HOURS going back and reading her old post.

She is hosting the Completely Him Challenge. This challenge is all about becoming the woman your husband needs. While I'm not 100% participating in this challenge, I couldn't resist this week's challenge.

This week focuses on admiring your husband and making sure he knows he is admired. I think that is something we assume our husbands know. Someone challenged me last week to give one compliment a day. They were necessarily talking about to my husband, but it made me thing. It seems like one little compliment a day isn't a big deal. We probably all do that right? Do we? It is something that I've been thinking about lately and taking notice of.

Back to the challenge... Courtney ask us to blog about the qualities we admire in our husbands and then share that post with our husbands. You can read her post here.

Here are a few of the things I admire about my guy. They are in no particular order other than when they popped into my head.

1. He's a genius. :) Seriously, he is probably the smartest person I know. Whenever I have a question about anything he is the first person I think to ask, especially if it is a history question. He spends hours researching things online and his memory is incredible.

2. He makes me laugh. I was just thinking about this the other day when we were in the car. He was doing nothing other than simply singing along with the radio, but it made me giggle. This is one of the things about my husband that I first fell in love with. He isn't afraid to look silly or tell a crazy story just to bring a smile to my face.

3. He works HARD!! This one has really been on my mind lately because of his crazy long hours and time away from home. We don't have kids that my husband is providing for. It is just me. He works so hard to take care of me and provide beyond the basic needs for me.

4. He loves God. The husband has a biblical knowledge that never ceases to amaze me. But he also has more than just the head knowledge. He knows Jesus with his heart.

5. He's a family man. He is the youngest of six. He loves his family. He would do anything for them. He loves my family. He is a big kid at heart and loves to play basketball, soccer, boardgames, golf, or whatever with the kids. I love watching him with them because it reminds me of what a great daddy he will be someday.

6. He cares about me and my needs. He has taken better care of me since my surgery than I could ever have imagined. In fact, it's almost driven me crazy. :) When he is home, he won't let me do anything. He does it for me. Yes, I know I should be taking full advantages of this. HA! He has also made comments in the past few days about relocating and its affects on me that have just been sweet reminders of how much that guy loves his wife.

7.He has musical talents that melt my heart. One of my favorite sounds in the whole world is that of my husband playing his guitar and singing. I could listen to it all day and night.

8. He has a tender heart beneath his strong exterior. I might not see it very often, but it is there. He isn't afraid to cry at a movie with me or let people know when he is deeply touched by something.

9. He's crafty. You've seen the pictures of the scrapbook desk he is building. He has built a headboard and tables to name a few other things. He does my kind of crafts too. He has been known to sit down and help me with some scrapbooking thing.

10. He's a giver and a helper to complete strangers. He has been known to help an older lady to her car at Wal-Mart, help people with broken down cars on the side of the street,, and many other things. I love that I married a guy who doesn't just keep walking by.

What do you admire about your husband? Does he know?


  1. What a great post.... I need to check out her blog.

    I can't believe Peyton was so shy that night with Linda and Steve. She has been anything but shy for me lately. :) She is hilarious and I hate that she didn't show some of that for you all that night. Maybe next time!!!

  2. Came here from the link on the Quiet Quill. Very nice post. I read Courtney's blog sometimes and it is always very good. I like her marriage and family emphasis, which I try to maintain at the Family Fountain blog.

    Your post here is very good, too. We can't have enough reminders to find the qualities in our mates that are commendable and concentrating on them. Good job.

  3. I found you through Women Living Well and I did the same when I found it too! Great site.

    Your list is really sweet.