Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Little Randomness

**I have to use the computer hooked to our television right now. This means the TV is my monitor. I have to make the font HUGE in order to be able to see it without sitting at the foot of the bed. Why you ask? Because yesterday as I was sitting in the living room working on my laptop, I began to smell fire. The next thing I know I hear fire crackling behind me. My laptop charger was on fire Literally on fire!! When I tried to unplug it one of the prongs burned off and was stuck in the outlet. I managed to get it out, but according to my husband last night... I should have called the electrician in the family to do this. Oops! It was a little frustrating because I had just gotten that new charger last week. I have ordered a new one that will hopefully be here soon and last a little longer.

**Last night as I was laying in bed reading with the TV of and the house silent I heard firecrackers that sounded like they were in my house. I jumped to the ceiling nearly. I hurried and put my shoe on and took off outside. When I opened the front door I couldn't see anything but smoke. Once the smoke cleared I saw that there was a group of kids running at the other end of the street. A girl across the street said it was a group of boys and that they took off running. There is a slew of firecrackers on my welcome mat. That's how close they were. Needless to say I WAS NOT HAPPY. I started to call the police, but didn't see what good it would do as I couldn't identify the boys and they had already disappeared. I know that because I jumped in my car and drove around. I don't know what I would have done had I saw them, but like I said, I wasn't happy.

**I have been a HUGE prayer warrior for the husband the past week or so. I always pray for him, but lately I have just been heartbroken for him. Working 16 hour days in another state is not easy for him, especially when he doesn't feel appreciated for it. There are a ton of other details that go along with this but they don't really matter for my point which is prayers are being answered. The husband has received some really good news about work. I have been praising God like crazy for the answered prayers these past few days. I love that I never cease to be amazed and humbled with God answers prayers.

**I have been in my surgical shoe 2 weeks and I have 2 weeks to go. I went for my 2nd post-op visit yesterday. My stitches were all under the skin except the knots on each end so they removed the knots yesterday. I had more x-rays and everything still looks good. I have to go back at least 2 more times to have my foot cleaned and rewrapped as well as x-rays done. I have to tell you...I'm ready to have my foot back to normal. It is healing so it itches like crazy, but there is nothing I can do about it. And this shoe...what a pain!! I can't tell you the number of times since my surgery that people have told me they hear that bunion surgery is the most painful surgery ever. My doctor even told me this yesterday. All I can say is that I am so glad no one told me before my surgery. I have had the best surgical experience of my life. Yes, I know it's my only surgical experience, but seriously...VERY LITTLE pain. The worst part has been staying down and wearing my surgical shoe. Other than that there was nothing to this surgery.

**I have decided that I want to work on the decor in my home. My home feels very blah to me. I'm not good at decorating though. I can't envision things very well. The husband and I spend 98% of our time home in our bedroom. No lie! I want to change that. I feel like some decor will help me. I have found some paintings I LOVE for my dining area on etsy. Problem is they are over $300. OUCH! Good news! I have a dear friend who paints and believes she can do something very similar for me for a much lower price. I'm excited about the few ideas I have. Be expecting some post wanting your input in the near future. :)

**June is at its end and I still have no motivation to work on anything school related. Sure it is my summer and I should enjoy, but I am teaching math in less than 2 months people. I need to be planning!!! Praying that motivation kicks in in the next week or so.


  1. Lots of prayer - may be why so little pain. :) I am so glad! When you can share, you must email me the job news! I know you will decorate your home beautifully too. Love -

  2. I hope Drew knows he is very much appreciated by my husband! :) Though I know exactly what you're talking about. Alex has been fighting on his behalf...couldn't do this without him, that's for sure. I was happy to hear the news as well! :)

    Looking forward to seeing your decor changes/posts. You'll do great!

    See you tomorrow!

  3. cant believe your battery caught on fire!! Was it a Dell battery? I remember that there were some issues with those a while back. Thank goodness you were at home!

  4. So glad to hear God has answered the job prayers. Look forward to hearing the good news!